Fusing Vegatable Mesh Bags Into Plastic Sheets

Introduction: Fusing Vegatable Mesh Bags Into Plastic Sheets

This is one of my experiments with ways of recycling plastig mesh bags. I know/ that you can fuse multiple layers of regular plastic bags into durable sheets that can be used for all sorts of DIY crafting, like sewing bags and cases.

For this project I decided to use the same technique with vegetable mesh bags, and I got some interesting results.

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Step 1:

So, these bags are commonly used for packing vegetables and fruits. Some time ago I noticed that they slowly accumulate in different corners of my home, so I started to think, what use can I make out of them.

And the best thing you can do with used bags is to reuse them. So, collectem all in one place, go throug the pile and sort out those that are in good shape and have no holes. For example, I use them to dry grass clippings to be used as mulch in the garden.

Those bags, that are not soo good, can be used for fusing.

Step 2:

So, first thing I tryed to do is to simply fuse a few layers together.

I took one bag and cut it in half. Then I layerd two pieces ontop of eachother, which made 4 layers of material. Then I sandwiched them between two sheets of waxed paper, and ran over it with hot iron applying some preassure.

In the result I've got a thin sheet of mesh-like meterial, that was quiet flexible, but a bit too brittle.So it worked out, but I recommend to use no less then 6 layers for more durable material.

How can it be used now? Here are some of my suggstions:

- I believe it can be used for sewing as well as regular fused bags plastic sheets, or in combination with thev

- It has pretty interesting texture, that can be used in more artistic ways, like for some sort of decorative details in costume making.

- It can be used as a sort of a sieve, or, in combination with other materials, for filtering liquids.

Step 3:

The second thing, that I tryed is to fuse a mesh bag material to the regular plastic bag.

I found a small white plastic bag (which makes 2 layers) and cut a few pieces out of mesh bag into the same size (I believe it was 6 layers).

Step 4:

Then I fused layers the same way as previously.

The result turned out to be quiet interesting. Instead of mesh being fused to the solid backing of plastic, the white bag melted and kind of morphed into mesh structure. The sheet I've got was quiet stiff and flexible, after bending it creases.

I really like the texture and color combination on this one. The sheets produced this way can be used the same way as in prewious example, but decorative qualities are a bit higher. Also, I believe, you can still make a solid (not mesh) sheets with this method if tinker a bit.

Step 5:

And here the last thing I tried.

Basically I took the sheet I got from first experiment, cut it in four pieces and fused them together. This way it makes 16 layers of mesh bag material.

The resulting piece was quiet stiff, but flexible. You can cut it with scissors. It suits more for rather ridgid constructions, and maybe you can weld it into warious objects the way nerdyKat does in his WELDING PLASTICS: INSTRUCTABLES ROBOT NIGHTLIGHT instructable.

Step 6:

So this was a little highlight on my experiment on fusing plastic mesh bags. Maybe, I'll take it one step further someday, and if so, I'll let you know.

I guess, next time I'll share a different project involving vegetable mesh bags recycling, but this is it for now, thanks for your attention and have some nice onions.

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    This is awesome! I love seeing reuse projects like this! I love the last image of the crocheted plastic!

    Waldemar Sha
    Waldemar Sha

    Reply 1 year ago

    And I like to make reuse projects like this :) Thanks.