Fusion 360: Drawing a Violin Scroll

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This is the continuation of another instructable I made about making a drawing of a proportional and parametric violin in fusion 360. I'm using the Guaneri 'del Gesu' Vieuxtemps violin as the model for this. This process is an adaption of the Kevin Kelly system for drawing violin scrolls watch the playlist of his videos for a better understanding of the process.

Step 1: Drawing the Scroll

This system starts with a seed that consists of a rectangle inside another rectangle, these are both proportional to the center circle of the scroll. from this square a series of tangent or somewhat tangent arcs form the volutes of the scroll.

Step 2: Peg Box

then a lager box is drawn to form the peg box arcs and finish the form.I don't think I can describe this better than Kevin Kelly does so watch my video and then his playlist for any more detail.

Step 3: Finish

The scroll for this instruments is not constant with this system so I had to modify it significantly to get a result that matched images of the instrument. If you are interested in how this works in a more standard scroll then watch the Kevin Kelly Scroll Drawing playlist that I have created. For any other question on how this is adapted in Fusion 360 I would be happy to describe my process for you.



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