FusionWeld 2012 Chopper 1/20th Model

Introduction: FusionWeld 2012 Chopper 1/20th Model

About: I am a full time product designer who spends far to much time at the weekends in my shed trying to invent things!
Print out your own 1/20th model of my FusionWeld 2012 Chopper design I just spent 3 weeks slogging over!!

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Step 1: Download the .STL File for Printing, or Order From Shapeways

Download the 3D model of the bike "FusionWeld 2012 Chopper 1 20th Model.ZIP" or order the model from Shapeways.com here. The model contains two parts, the main chassis with rear wheel, engine and exhaust details and a separate front end (front wheel, light and suspension parts).

Step 2: Assembly

Print the model on your favourite 3D printer, the model contains a lot of detail so the finer the print accuracy the better. Your then need to simply glue a pin to lock the two parts together.

If you do follow this instructable please email me at mark@fusionweld.com how it turned out perhaps with some pictures, I hope you like it!

Check out more info on my blog at www.fusionweld.com.

Step 3: A Print Out!

Audrey Love (audreyobscura) printed this model out on an Objet Connex 500 which I think looks great!

Step 4:

Printed out by Shapeways. My model just arrived from Holland's Shapeways facility, and I must admit I am really happy with the outcome!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice work...do you have other models of motorcycles or bicycles? im getting inspired from your work and might start making one myself too!