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About: I am a domestic engineer, aka. a stay at home Mom. A former science geek, scenic carpenter, and quilter.

I'm a HUGE Futurama fan, and everytime I see the episode "I, Roomate" I see this cross stich and think, I HAVE TO MAKE THAT!

I haven't made it yet, but I am one step closer. I fired up KXStitch, which is an awesome Linux program where you can create your own cross stitch patterns.  I made this pattern, and thought I'd share it with you

See the PDF for the pattern. Enjoy!



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    Hmm, that sets up an eternal loop, it needs to read:

    05 home$ =0
    10 home
    20 home$ = home$ +1
    30 if home$ > 1 go to 60
    40 sweet
    50 go to 10
    60 end


    Ha, that's brilliant! I'd love to see this completed, will you be documenting the make? At least the finished product, surely!