Futuristic K'nex Car

Introduction: Futuristic K'nex Car

Hi guys, this is my first instructable and it is a k'nex car which looks quite futuristic. If any more instructions are required please leave a comment in the discription.

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Step 1: The Parts

You will need:

1 white snowflake
4 green corner pieces
4 yellow half snowflakes
12 grey connector (1)
2 dark blue connectors (2)
14 purple connectors (3)
4 wheel lockers (4)

16 tiny green
14 small white
8 dark blue
2 medium yellow

4 small wheels
2 blue rings (5)

Step 2: The Assembly

For this, do as i say.

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Nice car! I like the different but easy look of it. I may modify this later with maybe some features like a motor, suspension, or steering. ( I haven't tried steering yet...)