Futuristic Rifle/nerf Integration(and Exterior Modding)

Introduction: Futuristic Rifle/nerf Integration(and Exterior Modding)

This is now, and now is soon to come, which is the future. This is a prop/nerf gun to prepare you for that; the thing you need are: a nerf stryfe, a nerf sling fire, some 3/4 in pvc, a nerf maveric priming handle, a nerf rough cut 2x4 handle bottom, a lot of hot glue, a lot of epoxy, and various toys.(that is my sister holding the gun..)

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Step 1: Rear Stock

What you'll do is take your stryfe and hot glue the 2x4 handle to the bottom, and a barricade stock( - the dart holder) and hot glue that to the back. Then take a small, stick like toy and hot glue it from the barricade stock to the extended handle.

Step 2: Attacking the Slingfire

Now, take your pic pipe and stick it in the front of the stryfe's barrel, then, without the handle, use epoxy and hot glue to A. Make tie PVC pipe stick(outside the barrel) and B. Attach the slingfire to the bottom. Then, use a strong arm priming handle hot glue it to the gun.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Hot glue various small toys for decoration, paint and then off you go!,ENJOY!!!!

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