Introduction: Fuzz-e-Eggs

In this Instructable, you will learn how to create fluffy Fuzz-e-Eggs. These eggs are perfect decorations for Spring-time and are a kid-favorite.


8 Plastic Cups


Duct tape

2-3 Fuzzy Sticks (colored pipe-cleaners) per egg

Elmer’s glue

Eggs (Hard-boiled or raw)

Small water bottle cap

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Step 1: Creating "Fuzz" Containers

Cut the bottom 3 inches off of all 8 plastic cups using the scissors. Discard the upper portion. Arrange them into two rows of four (or however you want to arrange them) and use small pieces of duct tape to secure the cup bottoms to the table. These will be the holders for your “fuzz”.

Step 2: Collecting "Fuzz"

Select a Fuzzy Stick and pull “fuzz” (colored fibers) from one end. Separate the ends of the two wires with a fingernail and pull them apart. Rotate one wire around the other, occasionally removing the “fuzz” from the untwisted wires. When 2-3 inches of wire remain untwisted, grasp both wires (with the twisted wires perpendicular to the ends you are holding) and firmly pull them apart. This will quickly finish untwisting the wires. Collect the pieces of “fuzz” and place them in the cup containers you prepared in step one. Repeat as necessary.

Step 3: Decorating Eggs

Place an egg on the concave side of the water bottle cap. The cap will act as a base for the egg to keep it steady while you are working. Put a small amount of glue where you will place the “fuzz”. Don’t put too much glue on at one time, as doing so tends create a mess. Gently position the “fuzz” on the glue. If you want your egg to have stripes, form the stripes of “fuzz” and place the whole stripe on the egg at one time. Repeat until the egg is covered in “fuzz” except for the base. Give it 5 minutes to dry before flipping the egg over, removing the base, and gluing “fuzz” onto the spot the base occupied. After the egg is completely covered, gently use both hands to flatten the “fuzz” on the egg. Check to see if there are any areas you need to patch up after flattening the “fuzz”. If there are, fix them. If not, your egg is complete.

Step 4: Congratulations!

You now have your very own Fuzz-e-Egg! Enjoy!

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