Fuzzy Anime Tenticle Arms

Introduction: Fuzzy Anime Tenticle Arms

These were made as a gag gift :)  Hope you guys enjoy them!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Excellent. I hope they're meant to be worn with a matching-color hoodie?
    And is that fake fur on the top and fleece on the bottom?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I believe they were worn with matching clothes at the actual party. They were made on request for my husband for a bachelor party he was hosting for a close friend as a gag gift. The purple was actually more a novelty knit material than a true fake fur and had a very slinky feel to it and the green was a sheen scaled pattern material. Both materials came from the Wal-mart bargain bin because I decided they would be a lot of fun for something and then when he requested these, I knew they were perfect for it. There is actually also stuffing sewn into a pocket in the bottom to help keep the pointed shape and the the top (under the sleeves) had an elastic band to help keep them in place. All of the suction cups were hand sewn on. The pattern was something I created after taking the measurements of the model (the one who would be wearing them at the party) and drew out on newspaper. I don't remember the exact amount of hours I spent constructing, but I do remember dedicating a whole evening to it :) It was a very fun project and went over well. I definitely want to make them again sometime and chart out all my steps!