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Introduction: Fuzzy Cover for a Hot Water Bottle

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For the bitter winter months, nothing beats an old fashioned hot water bottle for keeping your feet warm in bed. But an insulated cover will help the warmth last just a bit longer, and make it easy to clean by throwing a cover in the laundry.

Follow these steps to make your own!

Step 1: Use Your Hot Water Bottle to Make a Pattern

I looked at my stash of fabric pieces and selected a warm fuzzy material.

Lay out your water bottle on a double layer of the fabric that is laying flat with the right sides of the fabric together. Cut out a double thickness with a generous border around the bottle. You want to allow for the hems as well as any shrinkage of the fabric as its washed over the years.

Step 2: Fold Over a Hem on the Bottom

The opening to insert and remove the hot water bottle on my pattern is along the wide bottom edge. Before sewing the main seam, I turned over a hem along the edge of the opening. Then I sewed this hem down using my sewing machine to make sure it was a sturdy seam since it will get a lot of use.

Step 3: Stitch Around the Edges

This is the main seam. I kept a consistent distance from the edge of the piece and stitched all the way around the main seam remembering to leave open the wide bottom where the bottle will be inserted.

Before turning the cover right side out, I clipped the corners to make the corners cleaner when they were turned.

Step 4: Try Out Your Cover

Before putting on the finishing touches, I tried the cover on the water bottle to make sure the fit was good.

Step 5: Add a Velcro Closure

To keep the water bottle in the cover, I added strips of velcro to the opening and sewed them in place.

Step 6: Put the Kettle On!

Now all that's left to do is to put the kettle on, fill your hot water bottle, and curl up in bed with a good book!

Step 7: More Elaborate Options...

You can always customize your hot water bottle cover to include your favorite themes such as teddy bears!

This cover was constructed in the same manner expect the arms and legs were assembled and then sown into the main seam around the edge of the bottle. The head was sculpted out of fur (polyester not real), stuffing, and some bear eyes that you can find at your local craft store.

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    Very Nice and easy to follow instructable. I've been looking for something like this. Thanks