G-110 Floater




A 1939 design with my modern updates . 110" wingspan . Electric motor with folding propeller . Three controls ; rudder, elevator and throttle . Mostly balsa with some plywood in high stress areas . Fiberglass and carbon fiber also added for strength in the boom area . Scratch built from plans . I am also in the process of designing my own 3.8 meter powered sailplane . The wing will be laser cut for accuracy and time saving . I have a friend in Washington state doing the Cad work . I've been at this hobby for 60 years so far . Keeps me broke but happy !



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    2 years ago

    Many years ago, I built one of the commercial balsa hand launched gliders. I think it was from Gullows. It was magical to see it glide and hug the air in flight. I still have it and occasionally launch it to catch the thermals that come up the hill that I live on. Yours looks like a real labor of love. Your glider caught my eye as it has the same wing pattern as my old hand launched glider.


    Awesome plane. You should enter this in the Make It Fly contest.