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Hey guys! This is my (working) model G36K. What do you think, and of course, should I post...? I admit, this is not a great model, and to me seems a bit disproportionate, but I cant put my finger on what is wrong...Hmm...

Seleziona: For his look, the top handle, and his inspiration to make better guns.
and, gtrain: For some of the internals and working mech.

Now its time for Pros and Cons[!]:

Removable mag
Shoots well
Almost never gets jammed
Is my first gun that shoots rods (Blue rods)
Gets pretty good range (20-30 ft. at max)
Sights are pretty nice.
Looks pretty accurate
Has SOPMOD rail on bottom of barrel
Has working trigger

Mag does not work the best
Does look somewhat disproportionate
Butt-stock is somewhat flimsy, but not really
Handle / top rail on gun is VERY frivolous
Mag does not lock into position

Pleas rate, comment ans subscribe!



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    It sure is better than your G36c! For the disproportionate look, it's probably the magazine. This size is more close to a 7.62x51 mm round. The G36 series use 5.56x45 mm round.

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    I'd disagree with that. That type of mag is pretty close to the actual size of magazines for 5.56x45 mm. To me, the carry handle is out of proportion, it ends too far forward and is to low to the main body. You'd need to bring the hand rail back by at least 1 yellow connector, and replace the orange connectors in the angled part with yellow rods, or equivalent length, and thus in turn modify the structure that houses the optics.
    ..at least that's my opinion.

    Hmm. The carrying handle seems about right to me. I measured the magazine he used (same width as on my G3) with the mag of my airsoft m14 (7.62 mm), and it was about exact the same lenght.

    Personally, I'd be wary using airsoft weapons as a scale to measure by, as I've read they are sometimes slightly smaller (sometimes not so slightly) than their real life counter parts.
    That said, I found the dimensions for a G36 magazine from here, http://www.hkpro.com/forum/hk-long-gun-talk/70536-dimensions-g36-mag.html, where it's listed as having a width of 7.5 cm, which by my measurement is almost exactly the width of this style of knex magazine (7.4 cm).

    Ach so. That seems legit. I thought the G36 mag would be smaller. (as it's the 5.56 round, which is 45 mm long)
    "as I've read they are sometimes slightly smaller (sometimes not so slightly) than their real life counter parts. "

    seems liget.jpg

    Thanks for your help man, and thanks for subbing! Well, hes right about the mag, and I am contemplating making a new one of these! The G36 series has a somewhat smaller mag than the one I have, but other than that, the gun as some problems. As to the carry handle, you are correct, and I had already seen those problems. Thanks for the help. Hope you make a gun soon!