GALAXIS - an Arduino Retro Game




Introduction: GALAXIS - an Arduino Retro Game

Galaxis is a retro logic game based on Galaxis original logic game from year 1980. I used to play many many years ago and now I make (someting like) it myself. This version is for 1 or 2 palyers, like original.

Rules of game:

  • you have to find 4 galaxies in array 1-9 and A-G
  • who first finds all galaxies win
  • for recording your moves is used paper game plan, stored inside the box


  • select position by 2 rotary knob (for each axis)
  • press button on middle of box
  • result is displayed on 8x8 LED matrix and by mirror reflected to your or opponent side
  • you write up the result to paper game plan
  • after turn is mirror rotated by servo motor to other side

Possible results:

  • 1-4: galaxy(ies) lay 1 .. 4 directions from selected coordinates. Directions means anywhere from selected position to end of the board.
  • 0: galaxy doesn't lie in any direction, so you can draw line to your paper plan and don't search here in future.
  • galaxy: you found it (and 3 others waiting somewhere :-). Now you can draw line from your past results. Example: if you have got result 1, pointed to the new galaxy, you can cross all directions from this 1 to end of the board (but not direcion to the galaxy - maybe another one lay behind).

See the arduino galaxy game details on my websites ...

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Step 1: Parts and Schema

I used this electronic parts:

  • Arduino nano
  • button
  • 2 rotary knobs like KY-040
  • MAX7219 LED Dot Matrix module
  • servo
  • buzzer
  • rezistors

Mechanical parts:

  • mirror
  • bent shaft
  • wires
  • wooden box
  • screws

See the Fritzing schema and pictures. You can also download Fritzing PCB file:

Step 2: Arduino Game Programming

Program for this game is little bit complicated, so I don't go into details. You can download it from icluded ZIP file ...

You can also need standard library for servo, note and for LED matrix (this one is included).

Paper game plan is included in PDF for print to A4 format


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    3 years ago

    great idea to bring back the good old games


    3 years ago

    Logic games are the best!