GB Cartridge Case

About: I am 12 years old and like to make things

This is my entry for the contest: challenge
I got this idea when i found a GB cartridge lying around the house :D

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Step 1: Materials

The materials are:
small metal/plastic case
foam one thin and one thick
GB cartridge

Step 2: Cutting the Shape

you will find the right size of the case and at the middle cut the right size of the cartridge

Step 3: Placing the Foam

Put the two layers of foam in the case 

Step 4: All Done!! :)

All you have to do is place back the cover and your all done challenge

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    5 Discussions

    i fail to see the point of this, i mean if it could hold many gamesbbut it just adds bulk to the single game, but A for effort.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    It would look really cool if you decorated the case. Maybe you could paint block shapes that are in tetris?

    1 reply

    8 years ago on Introduction

    Unfortunately Tetris is a GB game, not GBA (GBA = Gameboy Advance)

    Besides that small detail, this looks really durable. Good job!

    1 reply