GBLP V1 (Giant Breach-Loading Pistol)

Here is my Giant Breach-Loading Pistol. It's really just something I threw together in an hour or two, so it's nothing really special except for it's awesome looks and top breach. Also it's over a foot long, which isn't exactly typical for a pistol. But that just makes it look awesome, in my opinion.

-Looks awesome
-Shoots 40-50 feet
-Good sights
-Easy and quick reload

-Lots of broken pieces

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    5 years ago

    Verry cool


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    If you read the description then maybe you would see that I made this gun in like an hour. It's not meant to be innovative or super amazing, it's just something I thought I would post cause it looks awesome.

    Pretty good. Nothing much to say: good design, nice handle, good distance; if only everyone posted quality things like this. I'll vote once it's entered into the contest. :D

    Not Bad.jpg
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    Yes, my featured instructable earned me three months, and then Mikeasaurus gave me a free year. I'm going to have pro for a while, luckily. :D I hope you catch a similar break. :3


    5 years ago on Introduction

    It's much faster to just click it in the top than to go through lifting the bullet lock. You could load it in the top if you want, but it's much slower.

    Dadgumit, I was gonna post something like this, you beat me to it. Great job bro, the gun looks great, I only see a few things that I would change, but those things are just view-wise.