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Introduction: GE Adora Lint Filter Cleanout

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This instructable will walk you through how to clean out the lint filter on your GE Adora washing machine. This is entirely doable by the end user, but the manual for the washing machine does not give these instructions, and the technical assistance number will not give you this information.

Essentially, if your GE Adora washing machine won't drain, your lint filter is probably full, and preventing the washer from fully draining.

This is something that GE wants you to pay a technician to do. That means a service call that usually has an 8-hour window. It may be a week out, as well. That leaves you with wet laundry, and out possibly several hundred dollars (not counting lost time at work).

From start to finish, this will take you about 30 minutes if you're careful and take your time.

Please let me know if your experience differs from what I've detailed, and I'll update.

Step 1: Assemble Your Tools.

To complete this project, you'll need a philips-head screwdriver or a nut driver, a catch basin, and a towel.

Step 2: Unplug Your Washing Machine!

NEVER work on any appliance while it's still plugged in!

Step 3: Unscrew 3 Screws That Hold the Lower Front Plate on the Washer.

There are 3 screws that you need to unscrew. If you have the riser installed, they're easy to access. If you don't, they're pretty close to the floor.

Step 4: Lift Off the Front Cover.

Once all three screws have been removed, you can lift off the front cover. The drain plug that you're looking for is in the picture here.

Step 5: Unscrew the Filter.

You should be able to turn the filter plug counter-clockwise.

CAUTION: Do NOT get over zealous and unscrew it all the way out right now, or you will have a ton of water all over you and everything in close proximity to the washing machine.

Position your catch basin underneath the plug and unscrew it just enough for water to start coming out. When you get close to filling up your basin, screw it back in to stop the flow of water. Empty basin and repeat. The pot I used is 4.5 quart, and I dumped it 5 times. So, there may be quite a bit of water that you have to drain.

If you have the washer riser installed, the tray is sealed plastic, so you could theoretically let it drain into there and deal with it from there, but it's easier to do it one pot at a time.

"NOTE": Don't dump this water down your sink. It's full of lint, etc., and could easily clog a sink or bathtub drain. Dump it in a toilet or outside.

Step 6: Clean the Lint Filter.

Yeah, gross, I know. This is what you get over 15 months of washing yard mowing clothes, dog blankets and dog towels.

The stuff should fall out in one big hairball-like wad. You may have to pull some through the holes on the bottom.

Be sure to take a look into the lint filter hole to make sure that when you pulled the filter out that you didn't leave anything behind.

Step 7: Reassemble and Test.

Reassemble by doing everything in reverse:

Reinsert the lint filter and screw in clockwise to secure.
Place the front cover on and secure with the three screws.
Plug in the washing machine, and run a small load.

You've just emptied your washer's lint filter.



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    WHOA! NO TOOLS REQUIRED! I have one of these GE washers that was delivered in Nov. 2008. There is a small, plastic panel at the bottom of the lower panel that is discussed in this instructable. It just pops out, giving access to the filter. Check your unit before going to the trouble of trying to unscrew those impossible screws at the bottom.

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    Hi My Belated Elvis fan.... My darned washer is a top loader, and the "front panel" is a one piece that wraps all three sides. Yikes! Do I have to take off the top, the drum and all of that to access this darned thing? Ack!

    This instructable was only meant to cover the front loader. No idea where the similar place would be on a top loader. However, if you search online for the model number, you can most likely find the service manual and schematics. That should show you where the filter is on your unit.

    As an update, we replaced this washer around a year ago. The control board shorted out on the Adora. It was a $400 part, and without knowing what caused the short, I could have easily been in it for $800 if I put a new one in and shorted it out again. Wasn't worth it, so we got a deal on a Black Friday Samsung unit. It lasted about 8 years, and had to replace the main boot once. I think that was around a $300 repair. So, it ended up costing around $1300 for 8 years. That's about $13 a month. Still not the 30 year longevity my folks had for their first washer, but about what can be expected from a modern appliance.

    Thank you. Very easy job removing the three screws, draining and cleaning the filter. I was kind of hoping mine would be more disgusting, given how wet the clothes have been coming out of the spin cycle. Anyways, the hardest part of the job was re-assembly since the holes didn't want to line up. I thought it might be easier to use a nut driver while I was pressing upwards on the bottom panel to get it to line up, but alas, the nuts are metric. Anyways, solved the problem by using a crow bar under the center screw and once it was on and half screwed in with a screwdriver, was able to break out the drill to finish the job as the other two lined up just fine.

    This worked perfectly! I was ready to toss this out or call a plumber to see what was going on, but thanks to this we were able to solve all these same issues. Thanks so much.

    Why oh why didn't I look this up BEFORE I just paid $116 for a service tech to do it for me! Doh!! It was so easy, I decided to look online to see if I could have found the info myself and sure enough your instructable was right here! Live and learn. I'm putting this on my calendar to remind me to do it every few months.
    Thanks for the info and thanks to everyone who posted what they found in theirs! Makes me feel alot better about the gunk and junk that was in mine. :-)

    Thank you SO much for taking the time to post this. Just finished emptying the filter. Found some money, a missing key, a hypodermic needle (I'm a nurse), lots of pet fur and a baby sock. The smell was horrible so the water must have been sitting and building a long time. My hubbie thought I was crazy but my Dad taught me to be a "do-it-yourselfer" so I searched the internet for help and ideas. Your instructions were really great and I was able to fix it! Thanks, you saved us a lot of $$ and I'm surprised at how easy it was. Thanks again!!

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    The newer version of this Washing machine has a little access door to this now.
    Making it easier to work on.

    I am adept at cleaning the lint filter on the washer. Over the past four years I do it about every six months. Daughter works at vet clinic, we have nine dogs. . . .I have retrieved bullets, ear plugs, change, a five dollar bill . . .great and easy solution. But this time it didn't fix the problem. I cleaned the filter, did one load of laundry, sluggish switching between wash, spin, rinse, spin. Now another load and it won't drain at all. Is there any other place in the washer that might need cleaned? Something I can fix myself? College son is now out of college, married and gone. College daughter is the assistant. I unplugged the power cord hoping the machine would miraculously "reset" after a brief holiday, but no go.

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    Hmmm. I think the holes in the filter are big enough to let a decent amount of stuff through. Could be that over time, you've passed enough through it that it's a problem further upstream of the filter - like in the pump. Can you hear the pump engage and try to pump the water out?

    2 of the screws are rusted on. Noticed that it is a hex head also, so am going to the store to get the proper size wrench and will try that. Unless you have any other suggestions.

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    A hex driver is definitely the way to go. You might hit each one of them with a bit of penetrating oil and letting that sit for a day, but try the hex driver first. I'll bet that they'll come right out.

    Wow this is awesome. My husband would never believe I did this all by my self.. well with the online help from this post. I cleaned out bowrets, hair, money keys.... just when I thought I had to call some one out to repair this, at 11:30 at night , I did it all by my self! I am proud of me,.... yea me!!!!

    your info and pics helped with cleaning out the lint filter, thanks. got out $3 bucks in change, Lego pcs, and a bunch of gunk. but I'm still having trouble. I put in a beach towel & 3 face cloths to test it out. put it on speed wash, normal soil level. the machine ran fine until the last few minutes, then it stopped. I took everything out and ran it again. got down to 1 minute and stopped. now nothing is happening. only the words "door locked" are illuminated. the power light or stand by light don't go on. i tried unplugging to see if something would rest and nothing happened. any suggestions?

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    Oh man- that's a bit beyond my expertise. However, when the spring on my dishwasher door broke, I was able to pay $15 and get the technician's service manual from some random site online. It's the manual that the techs that service the units use - not the one that comes with the unit in the box. I would try that route, but I suspect that it may be time to call someone.

    Great Instructable. This procedure will work for a Whirlpool Duet washer as well.

    I thought I'd add a little of our experience here. A few times my wife used the Purex 3-in-1 Washer/Dryer sheets. The first time I found out about this filter, quite a while ago, there was one in there. But... I didn't know what it was :D So I figured it was a filter and I cleaned off the dog hair and pennies and laid it back in there nice and lined up on the filter! Hehe. Tonight I went back in there and now there were two (plus the normal change and LEGOs thing).

    So if you use Purex 3-in-1 Sheets with this washer make sure they make it out and into the dryer and if one isn't accounted for then check down here! ;)