GE Advantium Microwave Halogen Lightbulb Replacement (Do It Yourself)




Introduction: GE Advantium Microwave Halogen Lightbulb Replacement (Do It Yourself)

Note: This Instructable also works for the Kenmore Elite Speedcook Oven.

I have owned a GE Advantium oven for a little over two years now and I think it is about the neatest appliance that has come along in a long time (although it has been around for a while). I'll let you research why it is so cool. What is not cool is that in the two years I have had it, the lightbulb inside has burned out twice. I am not talking about the lamp that "browns" the food. I am talking about the lamp that allows you to "see" the food while the unit is running. If you think a light in a microwave is not so important, try heating up some soup without monitoring it...messy. Anyway, when the bulb failed the first time, I was at the tail-end of my warranty and with some convencing, was able to get GE to come and replace the bulb (they replaced a lot more parts than necessary, but for warranty work, who am I to complain?). Now less than a year later, the bulb is out again and is no longer covered by the warranty. Research at reports that a service call to make this repair can cost as much as $180! I replaced the bulb using information I obtained from that same website and the repair cost me $4.95 at my local Home Depot. Considering that this is a common problem, I am hoping this instructable will help MANY unfortunate GE Advantium and Kenmore Elite customers.

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Step 1: Securing Power and Preparation

To do this instructable you will will need:
One number two cross-tip screwdriver
One G8 base, 120V, 25W, halogen bulb (GE uses a 130V, 20W)
One pair of vinyl disposable gloves

Once the bulb is replaced, and the door is open, as soon as the the unit is plugged back in, the light will illuminate.

The vinyl gloves are a precaution to ensure you do not contaminate the surface of the halogen bulb which can significantly reduce its longevity.

All parts were purchased at Home Depot.

Step 2: Remove the Grill

Now, you will need to remove the two screws that hold on the grill. They are the two screws that are closest to the edge of the unit. Once the screws are out, simply rotate the grill forward from the top. It will pop right out.

Step 3: Grill Out, You're Almost Done (can You Belive a Tech Charges Almost 200 Bucks to Do This?)

Now that the grill is out, there is a cavity on the left. The bulb is right under this sheet metal "floor" on the left. Towards the front of the floor, there is a single screw. Remove this screw and lift up the sheet metal floor to access the bulb.

Step 4: Bulb Replacement

Although the picture is poor, if you look inside the unit you will see a small shiny reflector that hides the bulb. If you place a flashlight in the microwave pointing up, it will be easier to locate the bulb. The reflector is simply a "pinch fit" into the unit. Sqweeze it a bit, making sure not to bend it and it will come right out where you can work with it.

Step 5: Replace Bulb and Relflector

Once the new bulb is in, replace the reflector. Re-secure the sheet metal floor with the single screw (it may stay up a bit in the worries) and replace the front grill.

You may want to test the bulb before the grill is back on. It's up to you.

Step 6: Restore Power and Pat Yourself on the Back

Once you plug the unit back in, it should come right on and immediately nag you to set the clock. Now that you have saved yourself $180, take your spouse out to dinner...or maybe just heat up some soup.

ONE FINAL NOTE: I have attached a pic of the bulb, GE uses for the unit. It is a different brand than the one I used. Hopefully, the new bulb will last more than a year.

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    5 years ago

    I thought I'd make some comments on these GE Profile series microwave bulbs for the Advantium 120. I have model SCA1000HCC 03. This defines the type , color and month/year of manufacture. Yours could be similar and is key to the various parts you may need.
    Back to the bulbs. There are two that are likely to burn out and need replacing. These are, the surface night light at the bottom which lights the stove below the microwave and the harder-to-change, internal oven light which has been amply described here below. The oven lamp that works best is 120VAC (NOT 12 V as someone on another blog mentioned!) with 25W rating and a G8 base (the width of the prongs). These are readily available from Lowe's, Home Depot, Ace or similar. If you can get a pack of two or three, you will save a little money and have good spares. No need for another trip!
    The surface night light at the bottom of the microwave is a 120VAC, 20W bulb. It's better to get them from a local hardware store than say Amazon, unless you are buying other stuff too. Remember, you'll have to pay for shipping for a total purchase under $35 and have to wait at least several days.
    Finally, just as it's important to get the correct rating for the bulb and base width, make sure you wear latex gloves or use a tissue/paper towel to handle these. The number one cause for short lives is oil from fingers! This can reduce usage by as much as 50%.


    Reply 1 year ago

    Apparently there are many variations of the Advantium 120 with different parts requirements. I have model SCA1000HBB04 purchased in about 2004. There is a placard on the bottom that states replacement bulb is 12V AC 20W Halogen. It doesn't specify whether that is the surface light or the interior light. Appliance Parts Pros says GE AP3671146 is correct. Anyone have a more authoritative source??


    Reply 4 years ago

    My Advantium 120 SC1000 does use a 12v lamp
    for the bottom light which illuminates the cook top and dims for a night light. It's a 20 watt,
    12 volt, T3, G4 base. It's sold at the big box stores as a "landscape
    lighting" bulb that is used in many landscape fixtures, RV fixtures, and
    interior cabinet lighting. Here is a link to a pair at Home Depot if
    anybody is looking for the bottom light bulb:



    2 years ago

    My GE Advantium is not the 120.
    It is GE
    Advantium MicrowaveModel #SCB1000KWW 01. Here is how I replaced the bulb.

    Buy the bulb in advance. WB25X10019. Lamp halogen G8-120V20W. It cost $12 from the appliance dealer.

    Arrange to have something to put the microwave on when you pull it
    out. Need to be able to pull it out over
    6 inches when taking the screws out in the back.

    Open the door and remove 4 screws (2 on each side). These are different from the other
    screws. That allows the microwave to
    pull out. My wife and I had no trouble
    lifting it and putting it on a wooden box we had at the time. Unplug
    the microwave

    The light is in the front of the top of the microwave. You can see holes in the top of the inside
    that allows light to come through. In order
    to reach it, you must remove the outside metal cover that covers the top,
    sides, and back. There are about 24-25 screws. When I went to replace the cover, I found
    that two were slightly different: they had finer threads and a lock
    washer. I think they came from the right
    side of the microwave (in the middle and at the bottom in the middle) and that
    is where I put them when I put it back together. So when you take out the screws, watch for
    two that are different from the rest and note the location. After all the screws are out, lift the cover
    off. It should come off fairly

    That exposes the back of the socket for the bulb with two wires going into the back of
    socket. Do not remove the enclosure for
    it. Just remove the two small screws on
    either side of the bulb. That allows you
    to pull the socket out and have access to the bulb. Avoid touching the bulb with your skin. I held it with the bubble wrap in which it
    came, but a thin plastic glove would work, as well.
    Simply push the two prongs of the replacement bulb back into the
    socket. Reinstall the socket. Plug
    in the microwave
    and see that the light goes on.

    Put the cover back on and replace the screws (getting the two with
    finer threads in the correct locations).
    Slide the microwave back in the enclosure and put in the four screws
    that hold it in.


    3 years ago

    Thanks for the tutorial to replace the bulb, I couldn't do it last night but surely I will do today.


    My advantium 120 model has the glass touch panel on top -- not the removable grill unit in these pictures. Any idea how to access the light bulb in this model?



    Reply 4 years ago

    Were you able to replace the light? If not, the following technical bulletin may help (see sections starting page 25 and 29):


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't even know they were making them that way now. I'm sorry I have no idea. When I worked on my oven, I made it up as I went. Good luck.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hello! Do you know how to replace the interior cooking bulb? The one on the floor of the unit? I accidentally spilled food (melted cheese) into the grate and onto the bulb and I'm worried if I don't replace it it will either break or burn & stink

    Thanks for any help!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for this instructable. I have an Advantium 120 that the "look-in-see" light blew years ago and I hadn't wanted to bother to dive in after hearing it was a tough thing to do. Ha, not as tough as I was worried about! I'm going to get it done this weekend. It'll be so nice to have light inside again.
    Oh my goodness! (lightbulb moment, ha, ha) I can do it sooner! You said the other bulb is the same? I'll just swipe the under microwave bulb! (It isn't used anyway because my micro isn't mounted up. I sits on my counter.)


    7 years ago

    Once again, I used these instructions to replace my 25W halogen bulb inside my microwave.
    Having done it once before (2.5 years ago), certainly makes it easier. The hardest part was bending the metal flooring above the lamp receptacle to get at the darn thing. To make life easier, if you remove the black plastic grill inside the top portion (on the right hand side) by taking out a few extra screws, your access to the reflector and bulb housing is much easier. I also found that there is a tiny square glass piece, the size of a postage stamp, that actually fits over the metal screen that the bulb signs through. I was able to take it out and clean it and replace it. With the metal floor and the extra leverage provided, it was much easier than the first time, to put everything back together again and in the correct position. If the bulb is slightly skewed then it won't be quite as bright inside the microwave.
    As putnamcs suggests, replug the AC power BEFORE you reassemble to ensure it was the bulb that was the issue. If it comes on, you've done it!
    Depending on the height of your microwave, you will almost certainly need a stepladder or chair to do this repair.
    Another tip is when you buy a replacement bulb, get a spare or if you can get them in a pack of three, do so. It will save you money and ANOTHER trip to the store. The over-the-stove lamp underneath the microwave is the same type. Good luck all.

    Jason B
    Jason B

    7 years ago on Introduction

    I have a ge advantium 120 microwave from 2006. I used your guide to replace my bulb twice! It doesn't seem to last super long. Anyway, on another note, if yours vented inside? Mine is, but doesn't seem to blow a lot of air our of the top vent piece. Check this out...

    I have more questions. Mine can hold a sheet of paper on either side but doesn't blow a ton of air out the top portion where the grille is. Is this normal for this model? The air only shoots out the top right side of the grille above the microwave. Wondering.

    Also, bought a charcoal filter for it and not sure how it should lay...


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I still have not replaced the bulb since I did this Instructable (2007). Mine IS vented inside. Sucks up from the stove and blows right in my face toward the right side of the grill. The suction will hold a sheet of paper, but I have no charcoal filter, so I don't use the vent at all. My unit came with a diffusion plate if it were to be installed to vent outside. I don't know where the diffusion plate would go, but if it is installed in your unit, that might be the problem.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Great instructions! I am not good at fixing things, but fixed this with your easy to follow instructions (and photos - very helpful), and saved myself $180 and a bunch of time. Only thing I could not do was get the reflector back into it's snug fitting. It was hard to see where it was exactly held in and I couldn't squeeze it back in. So it is back, but not secured in place, just loose. Light works great, and everything seems fine. Is there any issue with the reflector housing not being tightly in place?

    Thanks for your help!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Congratulations on getting the job done. My suggestion concerning the reflector assembly is that you just need to bend it out a little bit. The reflector assembly is simply a piece of thin sheet metal that is bent in several places. If you open up the assembly by bending it a bit (wider than the space in which it fits), when you pinch it into place, it should fit snugly. You may have just pinched it too much when you removed it. I hope this helps. I want everyone who uses this Instructable to be successful!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    And yet ANOTHER thiank you for your Great Instructables! Had to replace mine after the GE technician came out and replaced it under warranty. I noticed during his bulb replacement he would somewhat shift so I could not see what he was doing! How funny that was cause I still was able to observe all the screw removals and lifting the panel up to get to the light! Well Good thing for this instructable cause it was a Perfect step-by-step. WooLaaLaa.....LightIsOn!!
    P.S. I just purchased my light from ACE Hardware and with tax and all, equated to (today's price: $6.18)!
    Thanks again.


    8 years ago on Step 6

    As I don't have much time during the work week, I've had to wait a week before attempting this repair.

    The hardest part was that horizontal metal "floor" below which the lamp reflector housing lives. In fact I removed a few more screws because I thought you had to completely take that part off to access the lamp - silly me! I had to go back to one of putnamcs' photos to see you have to lift the metal floor and fiddle a bit with the housing.......that's GE engineers for you!

    The whole project from start to finish took about 30 mins and I did test the lamp before I put everything back together again and hey presto, it worked! I also took your advise and purchased the 25W bulb (from Lowe's; about $5 including tax) and even cleaned the whole microwave, inside and out, as well as the it looks like new and the best part, I can see what I'm microwaving.

    For those that are not that technical minded, a word of caution. When a bulb burns out, you need to be absolutely sure you know which one it is because there are a total of THREE, yes, 3 different lights/bulbs associated with this microwave model and only ONE is mentioned in the GE owners manual!!! Now there's encouragment for you. First, there's the interior light we are talking about in this thread and that is a halogen, single 20 or 25W one. That light is for whenever the door is open or you are using the oven. The second one is the long, tubular browning lamp in the roof of the microwave (not sure how that is accessible, nor would I want to try) and the easiest is the one over the range light which is on the underneath of the unit and lights up the stove below. That one takes two halogen bulbs and is the easiet of all three to change. Just so you all know where the locations are and the functions of each.

    There's no doubt, the easy, step-by-step instructions, together with photos (even if some were hard to figure sometimes) were a great help in this venture. Judging by the others folks' success, you, Sir, have provided a great service to the average homeowner. Thank you.

    P.S. Can you believe it, 5 mins after completing the task, my over the stove light burned out! What are the chances of that happening???!!!......back to Lowe's in the morning...


    8 years ago on Introduction


    I've been reading your instructables with interest (as I have all the other comments). I think it's great that you used photos to help with this and also the fact that you don't let GE railroad you into believing a mere consumer cannot repair their appliances for a fraction of the cost.

    I now realise that my light problem may not be the larger, tubular "browning" bulb inside the microwave, but the smaller, "open door/see what's cooking" bulb. I guess from the diagrams and looking at my microwave, this is also located in the top part or roof of the appliance.

    My microwave works fine, as does the "nighlight" feature over the range below. What does NOT work is the light when you open the door and when you use the microwave!

    FYI my model number is SCA1000HCC 03, manufactured in 2005 (and no longer in production.......did those GE engineers finally figure it out??!!). It is a white GE Advantium 120. And I have already looked to see how easily accessible this might me. I could feel the two retaining screws for the grill on the top and believe I do not have to drill holes in the cabinet above or lower the unit - just get access to the light bulb.

    Home Depot, here I come....... I'll post here again when I have successfully completed the project. Thanks for your insight; you're helping a lot of folks..