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Introduction: DIY Knife Rack

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I always wanted that cool magnetic knife rack but when I saw prices (at least in Croatia) for those things I said to myself: OK it's time for something way cheaper,recyclable and easy to build - something in the spirit of GEEK design philosophy...And this cool geekster rack is created ;)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

The great thing about this is that you need minimal tools and material - basically what you can find anywhere around you and recycle.

- saw
- paint brush
- screwdriver

- 2 x wooden L profile slat (plank) 
- 2 x screws
- 2 x thin wooden "spacer" pieces
- some paint
- some wood glue

Step 2: Paint and Assembly

1. Cut 2 pieces of L profile plank as long as you want (need) and paint them in color you like. I used water based paints for kids toys so they are maximum safe.

2. Cut and paint the "spacer" - basically I used a small piece of this same L profile plank - this will give you some space between two planks so knife blade can pass trough

3. Glue everything together

4. Mount and screw the rack on to the wall

5. Ad your logo if you are a vain designer like myself :D and that's it!

Hope you like this small DIY project  of mine - this is also my first instructable but there will be many more very soon. Geek on!



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    I know this is old but I stumbled upon this today. I just want to say thanks - my dad passed away in february and had spend the last couple of decades collecting letter openers. Before he died I was complaining that I needed a project, and he asked me to design him a way to display them. I've since taken upon his collection, an estimated 300-400 knives, and added to it, and with a bit of modifying so as not to hide any of the handle (simply using straight wood instead of L-shaped), this will be perfect.

    Good Instructable. Great photos and good job with the step-by-step. Nice project, Nice Work!

    Brilliant! Yes do please continue, I'm loving the ideas. I was looking for pan lids rack... But will add this to the weekend projects =)

    2 replies

    @Helkombi - tnx for the support...actually I was searching for a good pan lid rack solution...any ideas? did you manage to find something?

    hey i saw you were looking for a pan lid holder, i saw a few in the store, one used pegs and magnets to just hang the lid on and supposing they have a metal ring it will work, the other idea i saw was a couple Of V's made from plastic that you mount on the wall, the V had a little lip that was on the inside of the V that way it would grab the edge of the lid and hold it in place and gravity does the rest, since its a V it will hold almost any size of lid as well, you may want to play around with angles, and sizes but i thought it was cool when i saw it, just not the insane 100$ pricetag

    You always creat brilliant stuff
    Brovo I would pay good money for something like it
    Love your logo of keys

    Brilliant! Yes do please continue, I'm loving the ideas. I was looking for pan lids rack... But will add this to the weekend projects =)

    tnx guys...appreciate your input...I have a bunch of other projects coming in so stay tuned ;)

    Hey great job. Now you have a designers knife holder. very cool.

    its a god idea!

    Hi @canida, thank you 4 the input...Yes this is a palette kitchen shelf I made and I plan to put instructable tomorrow...Actually the complete kitchen (or better say the whole apartment) is one big DIY project with big emphasis on geek and recyclables. So far I've done king size bed, kids bed, TV "stand", a bunch of small projects and for the grand finale kitchen is work in progress...

    Looks great! And I see a keyholder shelf in the side of the pic - did you make that too?