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HELLO Instructable members............

Today I am here to show you how to get gadgets and gift cards for FREE!!!!!

I recently got an ipod 5g for free really..... It just took me 3 weeks and I made it........

We all are creatures that cant live without gadgets especially cell phones but we cant easily get them cause they dont grow on trees.... BUT DONT WORRY there is a way to get free Phones, HD-tv, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, Tabs and Gift cards.....................

There is a website which can give you gifts in change of your time.....

Lets start..

Step 1: The Website

The website we are using is Xpango

This is the URL of the website ---------------

Go to this link and register your account using your original information........ You can use your real information for this as this is not a scam.....

Referral id will help you to gain credits more fast..

Put 93339529 as the referral id, and if the referral code is already entered the same leave it as it is.

I am giving you my referral id please use it cause I just need few more credits please. (FOR THANKING ME)

If you will use my referral id I will get A credit........And dont worry you will not get any problem due to this..

Step 2: Credits

In Xpango, you can get gifts in change of credits which you have to earn so go to earn credits and start completing offers.

You have to complete at least one offer to activate your account.

When you have enough credits you will get an email congratulating you for your gift and your gift will come to your doorstep within a few days.

Xpango has world wide shipping so dont worry about your address just go and register your account.........

Dont wait go to this link and register------------

Step 3:

Thank you for watching this instructable, if you have any questions regarding this instructable please ask me in the comments section,

Goodbye and Goodluck



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