Introduction: GHUGHUTI.. a SWEET DISH

Basically this dish is famous for Makar Sakranti. Its a Pahadi dish and traditionally very popular.

Step 1: Ingredients

Take some Wheat Flour, Dry Fruits, Sauf (Fennel Seeds), Sesame Seeds, Grated Dry Coconut, Sooji (for crunchiness), Ghee (for softness), Jaggery Syrup (as per dish quantity), Milk (for dough).

Step 2:

Mix everything step by step. you have to knead it properly and make a perfect dough.

Step 3:

After making the dough place some ghee for some extra softness.

Step 4:

Now hold it and roll it with your hands so that u can give them a perfect shape. You can check on the below mentioned pictures.

Step 5:

After shaping work you need to place a frying pan or deep kadaai with some oil.

Step 6:

After deep frying you will get some dark brownish colour that means dish is perfectly fried.

Step 7:

Serve them and enjoy multi shaping Ghughutis.



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    5 Discussions

    That looks good :) All of the different shapes are cute.

    2 replies

    This sounds delicious and it would be great to try it. I like the photos. But please could you include amounts of the ingredients?

    1 reply

    Sure, For 20 pieces u can take 1 small bowl wheat flour, 1/2 bowl of dry fruits, sauf (fennel seeds) 1/4, sesame seeds 1/4, grated dry coconut 1/4, sooji 1 small bowl, ghee 1/4, jaggery syrup 1 bowl, milk 1 bowl..