GIANT SLOAR OVEN From Double Glass Scrap Refrigerator Doors

About: You may recognize Dan and Denise Rojas from their appearances in various made for tv movies and national commercials. As the hosts of Green Power Science, they share Fresnel lens and alternative energy ideas...

This is a 75 cu ft Solar over that took about 5 days to build. Every connection is sealed with silicone. The maximum air temp measured with all the mirrors in place reaches 221 F with 70 F outdoor temperature.

We have a bit more work to do as 2 collection panels are wood and cannot handle the heat of the mirrors. The floor is plywood an is not affected. Without the mirrors the maximum temp achieved is  201 F.

Raising 75 cu ft is a task. This oven gains about 3 F every minute up to 150 F when exposed to sunlight with no mirrors. After that it increases 1F every minute. Woods ignition temperature is higher than what we will be needing so the frame works well and is an excellent insulator.



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