GIMP Tutorial - Double Light Effect | Photoshop Alternative

Hi Everyone, In this video I'm gonna show you how to Create a Double Light effect using the Open source Image Editing Software called GIMP.


GIMP is an Alternative for Photoshop. Hence you can try this same method in Photoshop as well.

1. Open GIMP

2. Drag and Drop your Subject's Image

3. Remove background

4. Desaturate the Subject Layer

5. Use Levels to Increase Contrast

6. Select Free Select Tool

7. Select Face Region

8. Now Subtract the Eye, Eyebrow and Mouth from Selection

9. Add 2px feather to the Selection

10. Give Gaussian Blur to approximately like I have given in this video

11. Add a New Transparent Layer 12. Add a Black Background

13. Again do Gaussian Blur the Subject Layer with Small value

14. Scale the Subject Layer to make the face mostly in the Canvas

15. Now Drag and Drop this Light Bokeh Image -

16. Scale the Light Bokeh Layer

17. Change the Mode to Lighten Only

18. Go to Colors - Hue and Saturation

19. Make Lightness to -100 And Saturation to -45

20. Create a New Transparent Layer

21. Select any Foreground Color you want

22. Fill the New Layer with that Color using Bucket Fill Tool

23. Change the Mode to Overlay

24. Duplicate the Layer

25. Change its Mode to Subtract

26. Add Layer Mask to Layer #1

27. Select Blend Tool

28. Drag from the Left End of the face to Right End in Layer Mask with Black as Foreground Color

29. Add Layer Mask to Layer #2

30. Drag from Right End to Left End of the Face

31. You can also change the two Colors by changing the Colors in Layer #1 and Layer #2 using Bucket fill Tool

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