GMax Keytar




Introduction: GMax Keytar

This is the ultimate selfmade Keytar !!! Costs only about 90 USD

Made out of :
-some old wooden table I found in our loft...
-old belt

Although there are not much functions (Pitch+Mod+Octave up/down),
cause it is just a basic midi-keyboard,
it´s just more FUN to rock with a Keytar ,
especially in a band!!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Shakarchi & Stranéus are the Gothenburg duo who first caught my attention with their debut 12" on Geography last year, on this release they put some special touches to what at first sounded like a pretty straightforward deep techy house workout before their sense of atmosphere and pace grabs you and you soon realise they are anything but your run of the mill production duo. I think this fact has been reinforced by their appearance on one of the more exciting labels out there right now, Studio Barnhus. The label is run by Axel Boman, Petter and Kornel Kovacs, three guys whose impeccable and diverse taste has shone through in the first releases on Studio Barnhus. Originally vinyl only releases they are now slowly going digi.