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Generic non shooting SMG #200.
I made two of them, because dual wielding guns gives instant swag.

Has all of the standard non-shooting gun stuff.




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    Omdat het niks speciaals was. En ik heb zo'n beetje alle videos van dat kanaal verwijdert, omdat alles toch duidelijk is vanuit de beschrijving. Ik gebruik dat kanaal nu alleen nog voor die oude video van dat derp lied, en verder voor random onzin af en toe voor KYM.


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    He he, sweeet! If i had those, i would run around "shooting" things, tomb raider style.

    Nice one, Doc. I love that you're one of the few who understand that building with K'nex isn't really about innovation, or about making them do something, as long as you're enjoying what you built. That, and to be good, it must be built well. This is certainly built well. Excellent job; just ignore the people who don't like it because it's a 'model.' :3

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    It's Cattle Decapitation, they're deathgrind (death metal with grindcore influences).
    They're amazing, and a message that hits you hard. They don't rely on gross out gory lyrics, like many death metal bands do, but they actually have a clever message in their lyrics.
    Taken from the CD page on the Metal Archives:
    The members are ideologically pro-animal/environment/earth and strongly anti-human.

    If you want to hear their best work yet, you should listen to their Monolith Of Inhumanity album, Travis' vocals on there are amazing. The song in the video is called The Gardeners Of Eden, and comes from the The Harvest Floor album. Good stuff.

    They'd probably be easy to make them shoot, but I prefer non shooting guns.

    Hmm, interesting band name. =D Well, you can go on and on about how their messages in their songs are great and whatnot, but if you cannot understand their lyrics without looking them up, whats the point? As to being pro-animal / environmental / earth and strongly anti-human, that is all gibberish. God gave humans dominion over the earth. Simple as that.

    As to preferring non-shooting guns, I can't understand that, but I can respect it.

    Well, as I love talking about music, I'll go into it.
    As for the band name, it's interesting indeed, especially when you know their actual ideologies.
    Their lyrics get comprehensible when you listen to this type of music a lot, and read them a few times, and besides that, some of the parts are understandable without reading the lyrics along.
    I understand why you find their believes gibberish, but on the other hand, I do understand them :p
    Humans can be incredibly cruel to animals, and the earth itself. If you see what happens in fur farms, factory farming, or the amount of rain forest that gets chopped down each day, and even worse things that happen, you can understand why they are anti-human.
    God may have given us the dominion over the earth, but does that give us a reason to abuse it?

    "This hill of compost grows
    by our own gross mistakes
    and the demands that we've made"
    From "Lifestalker"
    Think about that...

    After typing all that, I'm glad you respect that I prefer non-shooting guns ;)

    I can understand the sentiment behind that comment, and to a certain extent I agree with you. I just don't have a great liking for "death metal" like that.

    As to the dominion that God gave us over the earth, I agree with what you say... again, for the most part. To me it appears that some people seem to think that everybody should have few-to-no children because they think that ALL humans WANT to hurt the earth. I find that wrong and insane... I can understand that some humans are "incredibly cruel" to animals. As you say: "God may have given us the dominion over the earth, but does that give us a reason to abuse it?" My answer to that is simply no. We should not abuse it, but this does not mean we cannot use the land to benefit the humans that live in it. I think that God called us to be good stewards, not jerks ("jerk" is a really bad word for what I am trying to describe).