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Introduction: GO Pro Childrens Chest Harness

About: I'm a nerdy dad who just loves to geek out on D.I.Y. Projects. In the immortal words of Ron Swanson "People who buy things are suckers".

These are instructions on how to create a Go Pro chest harness for your little one.
This is my 1st instructable so please bare with me.
I always appreciate feedback so do your worst!!!
Thanks and enjoy...

Step 1: Items You Will Need Checklist

Sharp scissors
Exacto Knife
A tape easy to work with (I chose Electrical Tape)
A flexible measuring tape
2 sets of standard male/female plastic connectors
2 Lengths of 1" nylon webbing straps typically used with the clips on bags
A length of 1" elastics
A GO PRO flat mount (not pictured) 
A couple tubes of Super Glue ( In retrospect, I might have used a more workable adhesive like rubber cement or something)
A few pieces of paper used for the templates
For the main material you will need something tough, and something a strong glue will adhere to. That's important...
I used a 1' x 2' piece of vinyl canvas used in Cirque Du Soleil tents (it's weather-proof and bomb proof).
I would recommend trying to find this material, but I'm sure you will figure out something else that will work!

Step 2: Make Your Measurements

Step #1.....Take your child's measurements....
I measured my little girls front chest width stopping just in front of the arms.
For the back, I went a little further stopping at the arms.
For the height I just made sure it was low enough not to ride up her face when running and crawling and low enough for her to grow into a bit.
I laid it out onto a sheet of paper and made my measurements based off of the "center line" running vertically.
I took a notch out of the bottom on both pieces, and added a deep cutout centered for her neck.
I used a round object and guessed the radius's.
This photo is of the front piece.
The back piece was slightly larger so I added the 1/2 notches on the top and bottom, and made sure to KEEP MY NECK AND STRAPS CENTERED and the same as the front piece.

Step 3: Cutout Your Templates

Step #2....Make your cuts...
I used my scissors and carefully cut out my templates.
Notice how the straps and neckline line up perfectly, this is important to get right.
You should now know your basic layout.

Step 4: Transfer Your Templates and Cut

Step #3....Make your transfers....
Using the paper templates carefully layout your cuts on your chosen material with a pen or marker.
I used my exacto knife and carefully cut my lines to create the front and back pieces of the vest.
You will need 2 pieces of each.

Step 5: Cut Your Elastic Straps

Step #4....make your shoulder straps...
The next step is to decide how long the straps should be for your child's shoulders.
I cut mine so there was room for her to grow into and also snug enough to keep it close to her body when weighted.
I chose elastic for comfort, though i believe using the same nylon straps as the side clips would strengthen it greatly.
I laid out the rough pieces, and then taped off the distance in between the separate vest's front and back.
I then left a measured overhang for each end, 1" total on the front, and 1 1/2' on the back i believe.
I cut the pieces to length.

Step 6: Cutout Your Go Pro Mount

Step #5....Measure and cutout the size of your go pro mount...
I used the go pro mount as the template.
Again using the center line I traced out the mount on the front piece and then cut it out smaller then the actual mount.
This is important because I wanted the canvas to fall onto the side of the mount, instead of around it.
This is because I wasn't sure the glue would hold the mount on tight enough to endure a toddlers abuse.
In retrospect, I might have used the mount that came with the camera, built into the case.
That was a large piece of plastic you could cut to size and overlap the canvas onto it.
That would make for a much more secure fitting.
The thing is I threw mine out so this was not an option.
Center your mount and cut it out small at first, then expand to get it right.
The goal is having to "stretch" the material to make a tight fitting in the end.
You can see in the photos that I also scratched off the adhesive down to the plastic that came with the mount.
That sucked...I used the exacto

Step 7: Glue Your Mount Into Place

Step #6....attach your mount to the uncut vest piece...
You will need to again find the center, and attach your mount to the uncut front vest piece.
Make sure to get it lined up perfectly, or when you glue the 2 front pieces together it will be a terrible mess.
I placed my mount inside of the cut piece with glue applied to the mount, then lined up my edges and placed it carefully onto the back piece.
I quickly removed the "front" piece, so as not to accidentally glue it.

Step 8: Attach Your Straps

step #7.....glue on your straps.....
It's important when doing this to make sure you glue the straps on the correct "side".
By this I mean when the vest folds over, all the straps will be sandwiched in between the canvas and not visible.
Make sure you get it right.....
I glued my elastic straps 1st, lining up the tape I had previously measured in between the front and back pieces.
I then measured the overlap on the side connections, and cut those pieces to length.
After that I glued my nylon straps to the side, with the back being slightly longer for added grip.
Make sure to glue the straps in the correct orientation, so that when pulling on the nylon the clips will tighten easily.
Look closely at my photos to better understand.

Step 9: Glue the Front and Back Pieces Together

step #8.....attach the 2 front pieces and the 2 back pieces together....
You will now glue the 2 front and back pieces together.
Make sure to glue the pieces so that you conceal the straps "inside" of the canvas.
I found that the canvas I worked with (2 sided) glued together better with opposing colors.
This may not apply to you, but consider it.
Line them up close and don't be shy with the adhesive, I went through 5 tubes total I think.

Step 10: You're DONE!!!

Step # finished.....attach to child....
That's it, you made it....
Now attach it to your child and hope that they don't freak out and destroy your Go Pro as a result of your arrogance.
Mine has learned to love it.....as in I attach it everyday and slowly she got used to it!!!
Good luck and make sure to grab some great footage and share!!!!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    A little constructive criticism on your Instructable: In the introduction, you should mention what the GO Pro actually is (took me a bit of looking around to find the site.) In addition, you should tell why people would want to mount this camera to your kid's chest (security? fun kid's point-of-view videos? kid directed videos [maybe for a kid a bit older than your daughter], etc.) I like to add links (like to a description, or review, of the main item (the GO Pro in your 'ible) so that people who do not know about it can get more details than your quick overview. Obviously, your writ-up was interesting enough that I did do the additional research to fill out the details (good job there) - this is just a tip to make your 'ible a bit better.

    Nice first try - lots of pictures and good step-by-step. Well done here.

    A comment on your model - she is really a cute kid. That smile shows that she is already a ham, just waiting to get into the bigs. ;-)