Introduction: GOD-BEAST

Tis is my cannon

Tis is a Beast



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    Most piston valves have a low pressure rating. I have a full metal 600 psi max. metal cannon. I shoot batteries and the barrel is long so I have to use a ball valve. Also, the pressure will damage a piston valve.

    Nice cannons, but if you are really into cannons, you should try something other than a ball valve (like a piston valve or something). Check out spudfiles.com.

    p.s. Tis means "this is"... So Tis is means this is is, which doesn't make sense... just a heads up... :P

    I don't get anythig on this page. Just pictures of what someone has? No instructions, no explanation of what it is?

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    that's the point of a slideshow to show off what you have w/o makeing an 'ible

    hmm... the air cannons would work better if you used quick-release irrigation switches insteade of ball-valves

    I concur. This is not an instructable, its a three picture slide show. Can you elaborate on how you built it, and the mechanics of the operation? thanks... looks good in the pictures, but not very helpful.