GOGO Blanket




Introduction: GOGO Blanket

The GOGO Blanket is meant to serve to keep those in need of clothing, warm. It has sleeves so that they are able to do everyday things and comes with a pocket to hold personal belongings.

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Step 1: Materials





Step 2: Cut the Fabric

Cut the fabric 5'3" for a 5'1" person.

Then sew the fabric and leave the border in the back. (Like the border in the picture)

Step 3: Time for the Arms

With the leftover fabric cut out some fabric for the arms.

After that, try the first piece on and cut holes where the arms are supposed to be.

Sew the fabric together like shown in the picture above.

Lastly, sew the arm pieces to the first fabric.

Step 4: Sew on a Hood

- Cut out two identical pieces like a hood on a sweater. Then sew the two pieces together and then onto the GOGO blanket.

Step 5: It's Complete!

This is how your final product should look.

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    2 Discussions

    YS Creations
    YS Creations

    3 years ago

    Interesting concept. I'm with mrsmerwin, totally unsure as to the actual shapes to cut for this. Would be great with a bit more clarity to the design & attachment steps of the Instructable :)


    3 years ago

    I am not sure what shape to cut in step 2. Maybe you could add a drawing with the dimensions marked.