GPS Bug Using Linkit One

We all think of bugging our friends, partners, children for fun or keep a watch on their moves at some point of time.

Using the versatility of the linkit one, we can actually create a compact system, which can SMS us the co-ordinates of the bug on being triggered via a SMS.

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Step 1: Connections

The GPS and the GSM modules are built right into the device, so we just need to attach the Wi-Fi and the GSM antennas to the board as show.

Note: The connectors of the antennas are very fragile. Be careful while attaching and detaching the antennas.

Step 2: Code

In my code I used a received SMS to trigger the location information to be passed, but you can even use a delay function to get periodic data.

I have parsed the GPGGA string obtained from the GNSS module so that I get the location in degress with the precision of a double datatype.

This is then sent via SMS which I can directly copy in say google maps and get the exact location instantly

Step 3: Compile and Output

Compile and upload the code to the board.

You don't need the serial monitor. Thus its a completely portable, compact and mobile device.

Bug the person.

I have used the word LOCATE as the trigger, you can change that or use delay as discussed earlier

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