GPS HUD for Snowmobile/Motorcycle Helmet

The main idea of this project was to be able to "low jack" myself and be able to see what trails I had traveled on in the winter snowmobiling season, then take that data and lay it over a google map to see the detailed lay of the trails and what cities were near the trails that I was not aware of.  This is my first Instructable and would really like to publish this for the final part of my class project so that I may graduate from college this spring.

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Step 1: The Components

The components, I chose the following components for their high reliability and ease of use.
Otter Box 1000 Clear case - Strong and watertight
Parallax Micro controller - Easy to program (took an entire quarter of programing this in College)
GPS Module - Easy to obtain Latitude and Longitude from this device to "plot points"
Parallax Micro SD reader - Write data to Micro SD Card for easier upload to computer
OLED Screen - Easy to program to inverted images( explained further in following steps)
Eprom module - required to program the micro controller
A to D converter - Take the analog signal from the temperature sensor and make it digital so the micro controller can process it
LM34 Temperature Sensor - Gives reliable data to AtoD converter to display exterior and body temperature 
Lastly the Radio shack 371 hole PCB

Step 2:

The layout:
I did some work before I received all the components to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible during the soldering stage.
Here is a picture of the board after assembly to show why careful planning was need to make the best use of space.

Step 3: Programing .....

The programing is is especially hard trying to bring this many components together and work correctly. Here is an example of some of my code in .spin .

  GPS.start(rxpin, mode, baudrate)
ADC.start(BTdatapin, BTclkpin, BTCSpin, BTADCmode)
SD_Demo := 0 'Set to 0 if xxx_2_uSD and xxx_From_uSD routines are commented out

'CLEAR_SECTORS 'Clears the first 200 sectors on the uSD card


Latitude_0 :=GPS.GETLATITUDE_0
Latitude_1 :=GPS.GETLATITUDE_1
Longitude_0 :=GPS.GETLONGITUDE_0
Longitude_1 :=GPS.GETLONGITUDE_1
Longitude_2 :=GPS.GETLONGITUDE_2

Step 4: The Display

The display is a OLED display that is not rated for temperatures below 32 degree F.  I have done some testing and found out that it in fact works to 10 degrees F .  The display need to be "mirrored" so that when reflected off of a piece of plexi-glass that is placed infront of the eye it appears correct.  

What the display shows:
Time in 24 hour time
Number of  Satellites( to help you determine the accuracy of the data)
Exterior Temperature ( the temperature inside the OtterBox mounted on the outside of the helemet)
Body Temperature ( taken by the LM34 that is touching your head inside the helmet- Calibrated for accuracy) 

Step 5: The Result

This is the result of one of my tests where it tracked my car on a portion of a drive.

Step 6:

Thanks for checking out my instructable and please vote for it ! 
I could use my( if won, i do not currently own one since i'm in college)  laser engraver to start my dream job of custom camouflage painting by cutting out the stencils and offer custom graphics for the camouflage.  I would also like to provide promotional/award (trophy and plaque) items to minor league sports teams in my town to help motivate kids to join sports and get ACTIVE! Again thank you for your consideration!

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    8 years ago on Step 2

    absolutely brilliant circuit!!!! is there any way you could mail me the complete build-all of this? would love to see it work :) my e-mail id is : ""

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    Why does everyone think posting their email address in the comments is a good idea?? Hope your enjoying your spam! I also hear it's good with eggs...


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Please be very, VERY aware that mounting this externally to your helmet is inviting death should you come off. Schumacher's coma and head injury came about because he mounted a GoPro camera to his helmet. Helmets are designed to take a hit, not to have a hit to a hard object already pressed against them that doesn't come free easily, so the frame and mounting bracket will punch straight through your helmet and kill you, or at least seriously injure you. DO NOT ATTACH THINGS TO YOUR HELMET. If you mount something INSIDE your helmet be very, very aware of what you're doing and where you're mounting it. Anywhere around the cranium is an invitation to death. Around the face area and you're inviting disfigurement or serious facial injury. That can be mitigated with some knowledge of engineering, or getting an engineers certification for the helmet modification itself if you don't know what you're doing. But don't be another casualty to the habit of sticking crap to helmets, please.

    2 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    The GoPro being at fault was never proven. Please don't spread misinformation.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I may just be stupid but I just got my first bike and want to do this. How would I go about mounting it inside/outside the helmet? (I have no experience with helmets whatsoever)

    A pic would be greatly appreciated, thanks!!!

    2 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Don't mount things to a helmet. Ever. They're not designed for it. Buy a helmet with an external mounting bracket, the region where the mount is will be reinforced to meet safety standards. It's the only way to mount anything, from a small camera to a GPS, without inviting serious injury or death. The fact you have no experience with helmets and have just started riding means you're likely to get over excited with duct taping whizz bang technology to your 'ead. But remember Michael Schumacher. That's what a single GoPro camera can do. He'll never be right again.


    Reply 3 years ago

    The GoPro being at fault was never proven. Please don't spread misinformation.


    Awesome work. I am trying to build an HUD for my car. The only challenge is projecting the display on to the wish shield. I am also planning to project my phone display. But I am not sure what optics to use and how to assemble it.

    I didnt understand "mirrored" part. How can that be achieved. Please help.

    Robot Lover

    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great project! Although if you used an arduino there would be no need for an anolog to digital converter!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    without the temperature sensors you are looking at about 75-90 dollars, depend on the case you find.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Any way to do it without the temperature sensors? Very cool idea might make one because I do a lot of motorcycle trail riding.