GPS, Movies, Social Media for Your Car!!

Introduction: GPS, Movies, Social Media for Your Car!!

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Can't afford a touchscreen DVD player for your car... Or tired of holding your phone during long road trips? How about creating your own multipurpose phone/tablet holder with items you already have!!

Note: Using the ziploc© bag makes this sensitive to you're finger!

Step 1: Supplies

Phone or tablet

Duck Tape©


Shoe string (or other string)


Hole punch

Step 2: Custom Ziploc© Bag

1. Custom fit phone/tablet into Ziploc © bag.
*Note: Use larger Ziploc © for tablet.

2. Place phone/tablet into bag and use marker to outline.

3. Cut excess Ziploc ©.

Step 3: Making the Pocket

1. Duck tape© one side of bag.

2. Cut excess Duck tape©.

3. Flip over and repeat to other side of bag.

4. Repeat to other end.

Step 4: Finish

1. Make 4 holes on each corner.

2. Cut shoe sting in half.

3. Make knot on end of shoe string and weave through hole. Do this to the top two holes. (Leave bottom holes for later)

Step 5: Let the Fun Begin!

Use other end of string to weave through bottom holes and make a bow to hold pocket.

Note: if phone or tablet is not positioned high enough in pocket...use a pencil to elevate it.

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    5 years ago

    I should have mention this is for the passenger!! :)