GPS Tracking System - E90 2006



This tutorial will show you how to install a GPS Tracking system into a bmw e90 2006

Step 1: Open GLOVE BOX

Step 2: Wiring Locations in Fuse Box

Step 3: How to Wire (fusetap) or Next Step (make Your Own)

you can use a Fusetap (i added photos) or you can skip this step and make something like me.

Step 4: Make a Fusetap Similar

step 1: Cut in half

step 2: Remove plastic from 1 side

step 3: Get a cable with inline fuse

step 4: Solder the positive side of the cable (red) to the pin and use heatshrink

step 5: Connect the pin to the fuse holder

Step 5: Negative (-) Connection

also add the negative wire of the relay (sorry no picture)

Step 6: GPS Side

Step 7: Emergency Button Location



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