GPS and the Raspberry Pi

This example will show how to use the Dexter Industries GPS shield with the Raspberry Pi using the Arduberry.

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Step 1: Hardware Required

Step 2: Connection the Shield

Slide on the Dexter Industries GPS shield on the Arduberry. Slide the Arduberry on the Raspberry Pi and power it on.

Step 3: Adding the Library

Download the Dexter Industries GPS library on the Raspberry Pi using the Netsurf Browser and save it in /usr/share/Arduino/libraries and extract it there. Follow the Adding a New Library tutorial for step by step instructions for installing a new library .

Step 4: Upload the Sketch to the Arduberry

Open Arduino IDE, and open the example dGPS_Example_3 from the dGPS_Example_3 folder. Change the programmer to Raspberry Pi GPIO and upload the sketch to the Arduberry(use Ctrl+Shift+U).

Step 5: Start Minicom

The data that is coming from the Dexter Industries GPS Shield is coming on the Serial Port at 9600 baud. Open minicom Serial monitor in Terminal

minicom ama0

Step 6: Start Receiving the Data

Press reset button on the Arduberry to start receiving the data.

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    5 months ago

    Nice design. I was wondering what there is on the market and open source also for interfacing the Pi's to the Arduino.

    I ordered the components to make a Breadshield,,so I don't have to wait until July to start playing with and was thinking to make similar for the Atomic Pi.

    While at it with extra connectors and perf board ordered (I even just ordered some Keyestudios Arduino shield prototype boards, I had a similar vision to make an interface from the Atomic Pi to Arduino and looks like has been done already very clearly.

    Thanks for sharing!