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China made GPS sounds good for the price paid. A common problem is battery life. They use cheap battery which does not hold charge. Therefore it is annoying and cannot be used outside the car.

Step 1: The Cheap Battery

Opened the GPS and as expetced, a cheap no brand 3.7 Volt rechargeable battery. It can hold charge for half an hour only..One can only agree that "Cheap is cheap = you get what you pay for".

Step 2: SONY PSP Is the New Battery Donor

So here is a battery belong to Sony PSP. That PSP was lost in the mall, and the battery remained unused for a few months. Open the cover, you will find a regulator circuit, and a 3600 mAh rechargeable battery. disconnect the battery from circuit, identify the + and - polarity.

Test battery voltage, if it is 3.7 or close to it, means it is still alive. If it is below 2 volts means it has gove dead because not used for a long time.

This one is 3.6 Volts so it is OK.

The only challenge here was whether it will fit inside or not.

And yes it fits quite tight but no cut or modification is required. Just fit.

Desolder the old battery and solder new battery make sure of polarity match.

Step 3: Finally Working and Charging

After installing new battery. Charge for 6 hours battery holds charge for 2 hours of nagivation, not bad for first charge cycle.

Please consider the following:

1- You see here we recycled 2 items instead of throwing them . The GPS navigator and the battery.

2- RRR = Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

3- Please DO NOT throw old battery in trash. throw it in dedicated battery recycle bins in malls & gadget shops etc.

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    1 year ago

    Hi am hoping you can also help me I bought a GPS Planet Navigation truck and car gps the battery is only a small one that does not even charge the gps at all zero charge

    1 reply

    Reply 5 months ago

    sorry for late reply. you open it and replace the battery.

    Phil B

    4 years ago on Introduction

    I have not used this GPS, but we have had three Garmin units, two of which we are using now. One, an i5, no longer works. I expected to keep it a very long time. Eventually two problems developed. One was that map files continue to grow in size with new information and new features added in periodic updates. The time comes when the memory in the GPS can no longer hold all of the data, even with the maximum size memory card in the expansion slot. Then you can chose to load maps for only certain parts of the USA on the GPS, or you can buy a newer GPS better able to handle the new map files.

    The second problem we found on an older GPS is that the circuit board contains a little button battery soldered directly to the board. These eventually fail. Replacement would mean identifying and obtaining the correct replacement, and soldering it in place. That is not an easy task. Space is very confined.

    A GPS has a limited service life. Buy what most suits your needs. Replace it when its time of useful service comes to an end.

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    goldenshuttlePhil B

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks alot Phil. Indeed useful points. especially that button battery, it dies if unit was abandoned for several months. Your comment hints into something I usually do, is to weight man-hour used spend to fix it against buying a new model, if this was the right path, then I would think whether it maybe useful to anyone to giveaway, if not then if any useful parts worth to be ripped off before proper disposal. Lucky this one has an AV-in, which makes it great handy color monitor say for a stethoscope camera, peephole cam, and other portable screen uses.