GRIP IT."Lizard Skins"tm

Introduction: GRIP IT."Lizard Skins"tm

This remarkably comfortable lizard-inspired polymer tape is used successfully on lacrosse sticks, baseball bats, bicycle handlebars and a few types of old tennis rackets. It is thin enough that it adds very little to the thickness of an old grip or a plain wooden bat. Wrap it precisely.

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Step 1: Online or at Store, Select Your Choice of Design and Size of "Lizard Skins" in a Box. Inside the Box, Find 1.1mm Tape, Instructions, 39 Inches of Tape and Finishing Pieces. You Supply About 12 Inches of Electrician's Tape.

Step 2: For Our Middle Schoolers, We Chose a Louisville Slugger Bat That Students Could Hold Out With One Hand for 30 Seconds. Go to This You Tube: for Wrapping Instructions. Follow Techniques Exactly As Shown in the Video.

Step 3: Are You Wondering Why Katrina's and My Bearded Dragons Are Pictured Here? We Are Thinking That There Must Be Some Way Lizards Inspired This "Bat Grip It." Back in 1999. Please Write to Us About Your Surmise.

Step 4: My Middle Schoolers Chose This Helmet in Hopes That the Pads Would Provide Safe Cushioning. I Told Them About How the Woodpecker Uses His Tongue and Cartilage to Protect Itself From Impact. We Added a Disc of Very Strong, Lightweight Airloy.

Our team plans to do more bad weather tests to see if Lizard Skins still GRIT IT. by Mrs. Nic (Christina Nicolson) and Katrina, aged 17.

Step 5: Other Uses Are for Lizard Skins Are for Bike Handlebars and Tennis Rackets, Even in Rain.

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