Hey guys it's me again and today I'm just gonna show u how to grow HUGE mushrooms in minecraft...

These are fun to make cause u could put a little house on/in the mushrooms (as u can probably see in the pictures I have a small house on the tallest mushroom!)

I hope u guys decide to try this out yourself and before I keep talking about this anymore lets gooooooo!!!!!!..........

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Step 1: Getting Your Materials Together

I'm in creative mode on my phone so I have all the materials already, but if ur on survival u probably won't be able to find all of this...

You will need

1. Mycelium

2. Some kind of mushroom (red or brown it doesn't matter)

3. Bonemeal

Step 2: The Right Place! (very Important Haha :)

First you want to find a nice flat, make sure nothing is surrounding the area because these will not grow with lots of crowding things ;)

Next place one block of mycelium wherever u want it... And place a mushroom of ur choice on top of the mycelium.


Now tap the mushroom a couple times with the bonemeal....... I like to tap mine about four or five times depending on how big I want it
(usually the more u tap it the taller it grows)

Mine turned out to be nine blocks tall.

Step 4: Piece of Cake Right?

Now u have a GREAT BIG OLE MUSHROOM :)!!!!!!!

I hope u guys liked this instructable I know it was pretty easy but hey I did it so more people can learn (hahahahahaha)

Until next time...............................BYEEEEE!

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    looks cool!


    5 years ago

    Same with podzol . It's easy to obtain these in creative but in survival ... You can also make big mushrooms if they're away from sunlight (underground/in a building)