GSSE Carousel

Introduction: GSSE Carousel

by Kalyn Grice, Justin Canfield, and Emalyn San Miguel

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Step 1: Prepare the Base

-Cut out two 12 inch wide wooden bases with a jigsaw

-Sand each wooden base

-Cut out 1 inch wide circle into only one of the bases

-Spray paint (if preferred)

Step 2: Prepare the Poles

-Cut six 1/4" diameter poles

-Wound and hot glue yarn around the poles or decorate as desired

-With gorilla glue, attach the poles around the base with the hole cut out. Make sure the poles are sturdy enough to hold the roof.

Step 3: Roof

-cut out another 12 inch circle

-decorate as desired

Step 4: Dominoes

-hot glue dominoes around the circumference of the base without the hole. This is so that when the two bases are connected, there will be a space for the arduino

-Make sure to leave a space without a domino around the circumference for wires

Step 5: Animals

-download your preferred 3D animals onto a flashdrive

-3D print six animals in your preferred color

Step 6: PVC Pipe and Spindles

-For the central point of the carousel, cut about a 1 1/2" of PVC pipe

-drill three 1/4" holes completely through both sides of the pipe, making six holes in all

-Cut three spindles, each nine inches and 1/4" in diameter and stick them through the holes of the PVC pipe

-hot glue the animals to the end of the spindles

-decorate as desired

Step 7: Arduino

-assemble and program an arduino to spin a servo

-attach a flat circle piece to the center of the servo

-hot glue a 1 inch cylindrical block to the flat circle piece of the servo

-hot glue the servo to the center of the base with the dominoes

Step 8: Assemble

-attach the base with the hole onto the base with the Arduino so that the cylindrical block is sticking out of the hole

-hot glue the animal piece onto the cylindrical block.

-attach the roof onto the poles

Step 9: Try It Out!

-turn on the Arduino and watch the animals spin like a real carousel!

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