GTAV Pig Mask

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GTAV online pig mask, inspired by I AM WILDCAT.

Step 1: Going Pink

Starting off I painted my face light pink, then I grabbed a white eyeliner pencil and sketched out my look.

Step 2: Hot Pink

I then took a makeup remover wipe to remove the pink where the masks holes are going to be, around the mouth and eyes.

Then I grabbed hot pink body paint and put that on the bottom of the pigs lip, and also on the pigs nose.

Step 3: Maroon

Grabbing a matte maroon eyeshadow I used that to shadow the wrinkles.

when creating wrinkles just remember some spots are deeper than others, so vary the darkness of the color your using.

I also used this color to start shadows. Under the nose, mouth, and ect.

Step 4: Outline

Getting a black body paint and a detail brush I outlined my eyes, mouth, and a few wrinkles that I felt needed to stand out more.

Step 5: Details

Getting a matte black eyeshadow I enhanced some of the shadows.
I made sure to add a lot of shadow in the mouth spot and the eyes. this week help give the illusion that the pig mask is on top of your face.

Step 6: Last Face Steps

Getting a white body paint I placed that anywhere I thought a highlight should go.

Getting a black body paint I added the nostrils.

Getting a nude lip color I placed that on my lips. (I have pale lips, I needed it. Lol)

Step 7: Body!

I painted myself

Then I outlined my idea with black eyeliner.
Then I used matte black eyeshadow to add shadows under the tie shirt.
Then I used black body paint to outline and fill in the tie.
Then I used white body paint to add detail to the tie.



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