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1         guava fruit bits
1         small cup water melon flesh bits
1/2      cup cauliflower leaf and stem bits
1         potato bits
1         capsicum bits
1         table spoon sweet corn
1-2      tea spoons fresh cream - optional
           Salt to taste
1/2      cup coriander finely chopped - optional

To Grind and Saute

1     tea spoon ghee - optional
1     tea spoon oil
1     tea spoon ginger paste
1     tea spoon red chilli powder
1/2  tea spoon turmeric
1     tea spoon garam masala
1     pinch asafoetida
6-8  cashew nuts  and / or 1 cup coconut milk

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Step 1:


Cut guava fruit vertically into one centimeter pieces and seed them. Now cut into small pieces.

Chop capsicum into one centimetre bits. Chop melon flesh,cauliflower and potato into small bits .

Grind cashew nuts to a smooth paste.

In a pan heat oil and ghee . Add all cut vegetables and ginger paste. Fry till  tender.

Add salt, turmeric, chilli powder, garam masala, asafoetida  and stir well. Cook for a minute.

Add grounded cashew paste (coconut milk can be added), stir and cook for one minute. Add cream and turn off flame. Mix well and close the lid and let it set.

Transfer to bowl and drizzle coriander.

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