With the help of Auto-Tune, guitar setup is a breeze. You can customize all six strings just by switching shift position. It's really that simple.

The system consists of sensor and 6 motors, which are fixed on two plates to reduce loads (they twist pegs). It is located at the head of the guitar neck, covered with a lid, and is controlled by a handmade circuit.

The creation process consisted of several steps:

1. The definition and the solving plan of the problem and necessary components procurement

2. 3D-modeling

3. Creation of the first prototypes and correcting inaccuracies

4. Details production

5. Creating the circuit and writing the code

6. The most beautiful part)

7. Installing all components

8. The final debugging

9. Project Presentation

Now you can focus on productivity. You don't need to pull the strings. Now, you can quickly and safely tune your guitar anytime.

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