Storybook and Fingerpuppets (#5)

Introduction: Storybook and Fingerpuppets (#5)

About: Grandma Van uses the Instructables website to share little print-and-mail books. Once in a while, she has other fun things to share.

The fifth Grandma Van's Print-and-Mail book includes paper finger puppets that can be stored in the pockets that are formed inside of the cover!

Step 1: Print.

Print the PDF included in this Instructable.

Print to both sides of the paper and make sure the "flip on the short side." Set aside the last page. (The finger puppets will be assembled in step 8.)

Step 2: Cut.

Cut the first two pieces of paper along the center, lengthwise.

Step 3: Stack and Fold.

Stack the pieces of paper so that pages are in order.

Fold the pages inward so that pages 8 and 9 meet each other in the middle.

Step 4: Fold the Cover.

Cut about an inch from a letter-sized sheet of cover weight paper.

Fold the paper so that a pocket is formed.

Step 5: Sew.

Sew the folded story pages into the cover, with the pockets on the inside.

Step 6: Trim.

Any time the paper and the cover is made from the same size paper as the pages, the pages will extend beyond the cover.

If this bothers you, trim with scissors or an x-Acto knife.

Step 7: Tape the Pockets.

Open the booklet and tape the pocket.

(Or, if you want to be really fancy, sew the edges!)

Step 8: Make the Finger Puppets.

Page five of the PDF contains the finger puppets, the bridge, and some additional instructions.

Cut on the dashed line. Fold on the dotted line. Tape the top and one side. Repeat for all four characters.

Step 9: Make the Bridge.

Make the bridge.

Cut out the bridge. Fold at the white dotted line, with the gray pattern on the outside. Cut the slots indicated with a bold black line. Fold inward at each of the black dotted lines. Interlock as shown.

Step 10: Place the Puppets in the Pockets.

Store the puppets in the pocket. "Unlock" the slots of the bridge, flatten, and store in the pocket.

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