Galaxy Mountain




I was wondering how could I bring some color to my kitchen stuffs and suddenly an idea come to my mind. (and recycle)


  • Nutella Jar (or any other jarcaps that you have)
  • Acrylics
    • Purple
    • Pink (Fucsia)
    • Red
    • Dark Blue
    • Black
    • White
  • Paint Brush
  • Toothbrush
  • Sponge

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Step 1: Background

First you will start with the white, you will mix it with some pink making at least 4 colors degrading,

You will put some white just in the upper side of the cap, just in the middle use the sponge to mix and form a gradient,from lighter to the darker you will add some pink color as you can see on the picture.

Then you will add the dark blue, the purple and a little bit of black.

Step 2: Mountains

MIx the white and black to get a gray gradients, and you must trace the silhouette of the mountains with the paint brush... Then you will add some light and darkness with Black and White.

Step 3: Details

Use a toothbrush to do the details, adding some white color and then spread over the cap to make the stars.

The trees will be made with a very thin brush with black.

Step 4: Finish

You can adore you new jar cap...!!

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    6 weeks ago

    What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing.


    7 weeks ago

    I really like the way you painted the stars! Looks great!