Galaxy Necklace






Fishing wire

Large pendent sun


Jump rings


Crimp cover with hook



Clasp or multi-bead landing of your choice





Round nose pliers

Pliers with grip or silicone (though some pliers are multi-tools)


Confetti stars

Charms: stars, moon

Paint and brushes


Plastic cups

Tweezers with magnifying glass

Flat medium size cardboard Necklace display pop up

Safety glasses

Clear sealer

Pen and paper

Printouts of reference materials


Headpins: flat or decorative

Prep: gather images and supplies, find a comfortable spot to set up.
You may be here a while, and sketch out an idea of how you want the end result
to look. It will serve as a great guide for length, etc. We don’t want our planets colliding, do we? So
let’s begin.

Step 1: Step 1 Creation

Choose pendent, beads, and chain(s) to be used. For the sun I chose to
use a plastic key chain I had. Just remember if you choose to work with plastic
it is not very paint friendly, so if you use “as is” it will be much simpler.
You can also use metal, wood, or perhaps any old toy.

Beads: Start by picking out your “Planets.” They can be as big or small
as you see fit. Keep in mind the bigger you go the heavier the necklace and
increase in project time. You definitely want your planets to be larger and
more prominent than any other beads used to make up the “Galaxy.”

I chose to go the way of finding beads similar to my reference pictures
in color, texture and relative size to other 8… or 9 planets, depending on how
you feel about Pluto these days.

Galax: For the Galaxy, I used mostly what I like to use what I call
filler beads – small basic plain, solid color beads. I also like the dark “oil
spill” color beads as well for a galaxy look. For the galaxy I used Swarovski
crystals – white and yellow for a “star look”.

One final suggestion: since you want the attention to go to your
“planets” which are perfectly round, try using irregular shapes for “fillers”.
For example flat round beads, spacers, diamond, and cylinder shape shapes.
However, it is your galaxy to do with as you please.

Step 2: Step 2 Mr. Golden Sun

Decide on your selection of sun pendent.

I chose to use blue see through plastic sun, however I wanted to have a
traditional yellow sun so I used some acrylic paint over it.

If you choose a non porous surface
such as plastic you will need to sand it down just enough to take away the
shiney slick surface.wash, dry with a paper towel, paint (acrylic), let dry and
then seal with an acrylic paint clear sealer and let dry.

Step 3: Step 3 Creating an Orbit

This is where your sketch and reference images will come in to play.

Once your sun is dry you are ready to start creating your orbit. Decide
how many ”rings” you want to work with and then drill that amount into your sun

Don’t forget to drill one hole at the top as well!

For each hole you have drilled is the number of rings you will use to
string your planets and “filler” beads onto.

I chose to use three rings. I cut 3 strands of fishing wire at about
30in each. (I found that to be more than enough)

Secure one side of each strand to begin with by looping your wire
around a crimp once. Then make a secnd pass this time go through the loop as if
to make the beginning of a knot an use crimper to secure crimp. (You may choose
to add a dab of glue).From other end string up crimp cover and again use your
crimper to close cover. Use looper pliers to curl hook down.

Repeat for each “Ring”.

Step 4: Step 4 Solar System

Now you are ready to begin stringing your beads.

Creating Saturn Options:

Find a open circle bead that goes through top to
bottom and fits a ball bead inside and string straight through.

Glue ead to one side of whatever open circlr
ring you choose

Or do wht I did-I found a flat metal open circle
ring and a bead that fit inside.on the oppsite side of the pre existing hole I
drilled another. Then strung the fishing wire down top of the ring through bead
and up therough bottom of the other side of the ring.

Continue on to the end

Step 5: Step 5 Landing

Now that your planets are I place you are ready to secure them in place
just like securing the beginning of your string. Only this time string your
crimp cover on first then your crimp and continue with the knot and secure.

Repeat for each.

Step 6: Step 6 Orbit Launching

Connect the start of the planet line up of each strand to the sun and
end to the multi bead landing with jump rings. (size, color, shape, and texure
of jump rings is completely up to you.)

Step 7: Step 7 Revolution Complete

Choose the chain or chains you would like to use in completing the
frame of the galaxy. The length and axis of the galaxy is the creators choice.

I chose to go with the A- Symmetrical look.

Connect the top of the sun to the chain with a jump ring

Once axis is positioned to satisfaction cut off excess chain where

Connect one side with clasp and jump ring and the other with one small
jump ring to a much larger jump ring.

Step 8: Step 8 Reach for the Stars

You can add metal charms where ever you like by connecting them to the
necklace with a jump ring or you may choose to use confetti stars.

Pick the confetti stars you like and poke a hole through them with a T –Pin. Pull jump
ring through the hole and add to necklace. If you feel you would like more
beads to hang downward a bit you can put a few on by using head pins.

Take a plain flat head pin or decorative one add 1 to 2 beads snip off
excess but leave just of the pin to curl down into a loop. Start loop and mid
way through turn add to necklace and complete loop.

Step 9: Complete!

wear and enjoy :)



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