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Do you like looking at the night sky? If so I have something for you – a tutorial on a piece of galaxy as a pendant.

Step 1: Material

You will need:

- glass vial with a cork

- jewelry needle with a loop

- some cotton

- leather string

- acrylic colors

- silver glitter

Step 2: Preparing the Cork

Shorten the needle so it’s a little shorter than the cork. Push the needle in the center of the cork twisting it.

Step 3: Preparing the Colors

Mix the chosen acrylic colors in some water, I chose black, dark blue and purple.

Step 4: Create Your Galaxy

Place some cotton in the vial and sprinkle some glitter over it. Then pour some of the first color on the cotton. Use a dropper of a syringe to drop the color little by little, the cotton should be just soaked, not floating or completely submerged. (picture 1)

Place another layer of cotton and sprinkle some more glitter on it. Pour the second color on the cotton. (picture 2)

Place the last layer of cotton and again sprinkle the glitter. Pour the third color and close the vial with the cork. (picture 3)

Pull the leather string through the loop and you’re done. (last three pictures)

Enjoy you gorgeous new pendant!



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Question 10 months ago on Introduction

Hi; I love how simple and well-pictured your 'ible is; I've been trying to find good directions for these types of tiny vials for awhile. I've read other guides that use food coloring and found that the colors used mix together after awhile.

With using paint, have you noticed the colors blending together over time, or do they stay separate?

4 answers
Creative Mom CZVelvetkey

Answer 10 months ago

Wow! Making 23 vials in one day I'm afraid I would breathe out the glitter for a week :D

Creative Mom CZVelvetkey

Answer 10 months ago

They blend a bit immediatelly and as far as I know they don't blend anymore or just a little. I give all of them as gifts to friends and no complaint so far but I don't have any of the pendants at home for long.

VelvetkeyCreative Mom CZ

Answer 10 months ago

Thank you! My friend and I made 23 little vials this weekend (there was glitter EVERYWHERE). Super-simple, fun, and since he would say he wasn't "craftually-inclined" it was very easy to explain to him. I have extra vials left over and will probably do this again!

Penolopy Bulnick

10 months ago

I like that you used that cotton; gives it a fun look :)