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So I randomly decided to do a galaxy skull! Hope you guys enjoy. ALSO! Halloween is right around the corner, GIVE ME IDEAS! I'm so excited. =^.^= please check out my YouTube page and SUBSCRIBE! I would love your support. =) thank you everyone!


Step 1: Outline and Fill

I outlined where my eyes, mouth, and nose will go.
then I took white face paint (diamond FX) and filled in around them. I left it streakyish.

Step 2: Blue, Pink, Purple!

Using a bright blue eyeshadow and hot pink eyeshadow (urban decay electric pallet) I'm using that to shadow around the skull, blending the two colors will also make a bright purple. very petty!

Step 3: Galaxy Start

To start the galaxy I used metallic body paint (mehron) in blue, purple, and pink and randomly placed that in the eye sockets.

Step 4: Outline

next I used black body paint (mehron) to outline the eyes and grabbed some darker blue eyeshadow (urban decay) to go around it.

Step 5: Stars

for the stars I used white and yellow body paint (mehron)

Step 6: Nose

for the nose I repeated the same steps.

Step 7: Cracks

Using a liquid eyeliner I made cracks coming off my eyes

Step 8: Mouth Start

I decided to make a black hole using the same colors as before only swirling them.

Step 9: Teeth

I used white body paint to make the teeth, I made then angled the closer to the black hole they got to appear as though they were getting sucked in.

Step 10: Fill In

I then filled in the rest of the mouth with purple, and shadowed with some black, as well as outlining each tooth.

Step 11: More Cracks

I added more cracks around three mouth

Step 12: Start of Body

I took white body paint and started the bones

Step 13: I Used the Blue, Pink, and Purple to Make a Black Hole

Step 14: More Bones

I finished painting on the bones

Step 15: Black

filed my body with black body paint

Step 16: Shadows

used the same blue and pink eyeshadow to make shadows on the bones

Step 17: Pink Splash

I then sprayed some pink body paint all over.



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    7 Discussions


    7 months ago

    One word, WOW


    2 years ago

    Do you ever go out with a mask on?
    This could scare alot of people, which would be so much fun!

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    I do go out all painted up, it's fun. haha I have a few videos of me on youtube walking around =P


    2 years ago

    What type of paints do you use? You did an amazing job! It helps you have nice features to start with. I tried last year, but it came out bad:/

    16, 7:28 PM.jpg
    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    That's not bad! I used Mehron paints for the most part, sometimes I use Wolfe. I started with a brand called snazaroo though it's not to bad and it's cheep and I found it at my local craft store. haha