Galiprog for Intel Galileo

Intro: Galiprog for Intel Galileo

Galiprog means Galileo Programmator. This is a sketch.
It is intended to program Galileo onboard SPI flash memory without using Dediprog. Another Galileo board is used instead of Dediprog. Galiprog may help in a situation when Galileo board is bricked after a failed firmware upgrade.

More information and Galiprog are available on

Version 1.2, Oct 2015, xbolshe
- added Edison support to use it as a programmator

- update pack 1.0.4 for Edison board

Version 1.1, Feb 2015, xbolshe

- added Galileo Gen 1 support to use it as a programmator

- pack 1.0.4 support is added

Version 1.0, Feb 2015, xbolshe

- first public release

Step 1:

An attached file provides more information about Galiprog.



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