Gambit Exploding Cards

Introduction: Gambit Exploding Cards

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okay guys this is my first instructable so there might be some mistakes and if you don't understand something ask me in the comments, so let's get to it.

well ever since I saw gambit in wolverine origins I wanted to throw cards like him so I learnt it but that wasn't enough for me I wanted the cards to explode so I went to my trusted friend, google for answers. what I found was not even near to what I wanted so I came up with this thing it is just a prototype and it works. I will later make an upgraded version of this with more improvements.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

1)business cards or playing cards
2)roll caps
4)razor blade

I am using business cards because playing cards have round edges which might not work perfectly but plastic playing cards are really good for just throwing because they provide weight and stability and are much more enduring and thin than business cards.

feel free to experiment with playing cards and post your results in the comment section.

Step 2: The Roll Caps

now this the most tricky step, once you have done it the rest is pretty simple.

you have to remove the Armstrong mixture and avoid as much junk as possible so there are two ways to do it.

method 1 :

hold the roll cap vertically as shown in the picture and tear it carefully so that the Armstrong mixture is not broken we want it to be as big as possible but we don't want any extra paper.
you will need four caps to make one card one for each corner.

method 2 :
cut out each individual cap and then carefully cut out each circle leaving the extra paper but you can keep the paper below the mixture.

Step 3: The Cards

all you have to do is take the card slice it in half using the razor as shown in the figure the slit should be shallow so that the cap is exposed. do the same for the other three sides.

Step 4: Priming

spread the slits a little and put just a little glue on the inside.
place the cap, close the slit and press on it gently if you press it too hard it will explode in your hand let it dry and repeat this step for the other three sides.

Step 5: Testing

after the glue is dry you can throw your card at a hard surface.

but before that you must learn how to throw cards I won't waste time telling you how to because there are many video tutorials for that you can check scam school's video they even have an alternate method for shoting cards.


check out the test throw over here

if you want you can use two caps in one corner to get a bigger explosion.

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