Game Artwork Votives





Introduction: Game Artwork Votives

This is way to preserve gaming characters or children's art work into a practical gift. These are smart labels for many applications, this is an introduction for applying artwork or characters for personal use, printed from the computer onto light weight paper with a sheen.

Step 1: Acquire Votive's

Step 1

I acquired some votive’s from the local Dollar store or

thrift shop

Step 2: Importation Into Microsoft Word

Step 2

I copied her character either with Lightscribe or right clicking image to save Image. Import the image into Microsoft word and soften the edges of the image to have them blend better. Then shrink the image to approx. height of the votive candle leaving a small space on the top and bottom edges. This may take a few practice runs to get the proper height for your votive as they vary in height and width.

Step 3: Cutting and Pasting

After copying and pasting place those in a line format such as what is pictured here, to save on paper. When the printed image is the right height, go ahead and cut and paste only the one short side edge of the new label.The edges should match as they are white, keep it simple and have fun!



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    This is a really nice idea, thank you for sharing this!