Game Blanket



Introduction: Game Blanket

This is a game design project. Every square has an LED and a soft switch under it. At the beginning of the game, 3 LEDs will be turned on, and then the users need to use their body parts to trigger the 3 squares. After that, more LEDs will be turned on, so the users need to be flexible enough to cover as many squares as possible.

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Step 1: Cut the Foam and the Fabric

Make sure the size is appropriate for users of different heights. And cut a small hole on every foam to make the soft switch.

Step 2: Cut Some Conductive Material

Attach conductive material on both sides of fabrics. And connect them into the circuit.

Step 3: Sew the LEDs

Put the LEDs on the corner of every square and sew them.

Step 4: Test the Soft Switch

Step 5: Sew the Two Pieces of Fabric Together

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