Game Box Made Without Spending a Dime

Introduction: Game Box Made Without Spending a Dime

For my instructables I made a box of my favorite games. Along with making the games more fitting to me. Like for instance one thing I did to show my personality more is add things related hockey to show what I like and to make playing the games more enjoyable. It was fun to play with my friends after seeing it was a little diffrences th normal. Also I used wood burning techniques with a soder for the first time to make this project and it turned out really cool. The nice part was I spend zero dollars makung this project only used stuff around my home.

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Step 1: Materials Needed

1. old pillow case
2. pre made wooded box
3. wood glue
4. stain
5. old hockey cards
6. sodering iron
7. pen/pencil
8. tape
9. news paper
10. hobby knife
11. Elmores glue
12. scissors
13. sticker paper
14. pliers
15. sharpie marker
16. computer with CAD
17. hockey tape
18. card board
19. clear paint
20. black paint
21. note book

Step 2: Pillow Case in Box

After I gathered up all my materials, I used the scissors to cut the pillow case so it would fit the bottom of my box. Just to make the bottom feel nice and not be wood. I decided not to used the blue pillow case as shown in the materials step but another one I liked. Next with the wood I glued the pillow case in you the bottom as shown. you may skip this step if you wish as it is not as important apon completion.

Step 3: Decorating Sides With Sodering Iron

Next I got the soldering desgins into the wood. I had these little inside panels that came in the box to hold on the lid in which I burned with at first. They fit in with 45° angles at the end of the board to sit nicely. What I burned in to the wood was facts and legendary players from the Detroit Red Wings. It was cool to learn how to do a new skill like this. After that I sanded the out side of the box to get ready for it to be burned. Then put logos of NHL teams on the side of the box. I didn't relize how hard and long this process would take to do but it was worth it in the end.

Step 4: Games

Next I burned a checker board into to lid of the box as my first game. As for the checkers them self I used mini hockey pucks from an old game I used to play. Then I designed a deck of cards on CAD and printed them on sticker paper and with a little cutting the fit nicely onto some old hockey cards. I was really happy with how they turned out. I also found a row of old poker chips in the junk drawer and put them in there too. Over all the box was really looking good.

Step 5: Momopoly

finally I got the idea to put monopoly in the box. It was cool and fun to make my own board. After making the board on CAD, I printed it out and glued it to cardboard. I next put hockey cards on my board to make it more mine as I just recreated the actual game as a class assignment so it wasn't really my own personality. I remembered we had an old game of monopoly upstairs obviously missing some cards. so I recreated those as well at school and then put the back in my game box. Along with the other little pieces and bits.

Step 6: Conclusion

Over all the best part of the box I would say would be learning to burn the wood into an image like I did. It was a neat skill to have and very fun. Another thing I really liked doing was working with CAD to create and design. My box was done and cool full of games for the next time I'm with my friends. The nice thing about this project is all the stuff I used were around my house so I never spent a dime making. This could be diffrences for you.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I love wood burning. I'm so glad that you were able to learn a new skill and have such a great piece afterwards.


    Reply 5 years ago

    Hi thanks for commenting! I saw on your profile you were studying Machanical Engineering and I was wondering if you have any advice for some one who is considering joining the same feild?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    There is a lot a lot a lot of math. So doing well in school at whatever level you are on will be such a benefit.