Game Boy Color Frontlight Install With LOCA

Introduction: Game Boy Color Frontlight Install With LOCA

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Alternatives to the AGS-001 front light mod for the Game Boy Color are few and far between. This light guide panel has micro laser dots that enable decent lighting for an LCD underneath, especially with a liquid optically clear adhesive (LOCA). We will admit, the optics of this mod are not perfect as there are near 7 surfaces where light is reflected and refracted beneath. Using LOCA will help improve the optics and therefore make your front lighting experience more enjoyable.

Step 1: Other Tips

LOCA is not necessary but highly recommended for the best user experience. Make sure you orient the panel properly BOTH with LOCA and especially without. Red wire should be on the LEFT.

If you install this backlight with the KB installation instructions you will get flickering and no display. This does not mean the KB or HHL lights are faulty, they are just installed differently and both work perfectly well when installed properly. Make sure to use the right solder points as described below. KB install is on the left and HHL install is on the right. Both units are on with full batteries. Move the batteries around on the back and you might get a flicker here and there with the KB install. The video below is an example of the flickering.

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