Game Boy Color GBC Teardown Open

Intro: Game Boy Color GBC Teardown Open

This is for people who simply want to know how to open up a Game Boy Color without damaging any components.


I will be posting more extensive Instructables for doing repairs and mods on this system.

For this 'ible, the only necessary items needed are:

1) Game Boy Color

2) Phillips screwdriver, small

3) Tri-wing screwdriver or bit. This is meant for Nintendo products and can be bought on eBay for about $2.

Step 1: Removing Screws

There are 6 tri-wing type screws on the outside of the game boy. I have encircled them so they are easy to identify.

Remove these screws and put them into a container- they are small and easy to lose.

Pop off the back cover.

On the motherboard, you will see 3 Phillips screws. Remove these as well and put into the container.

If you mix up the screws, just remember that the Phillips screws are shorter than the tri-wing.

Step 2: Removing Motherboard

Before attempting to move the motherboard, you must disengage the ribbon cable.

This is thin and can tear, so adjust carefully.

On the sides of the cable there are 2 little slide switches. Slide them up and the ribbon cable will slide up and out as well. When putting it back together, remember to slide the cable in first, then lock the pins.

Now the motherboard can come out, and you are done!

P.S. This is a very good time to clean the button pads, as they get dirty- remember that this is a pretty old system.

To put back together, just reverse the above steps.

Good luck!



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    Love those tri-wing screws! Great info! You should rotate your pictures to make it easier to read. Thanks again for sharing!

    1 reply